Learning Community definition

Learning Community means the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties.

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Each BLT should meet at least once per quarter with a main responsibility being to plan the agenda for each in-district Professional Learning Community session and to plan for overall instructional improvement.Minutes of all meetings will be distributed to all building staff via email within one week of each meeting.

Where clusters are authorized and organized by the Superintendent in writing, Cluster/ Small Learning Community (SLC) Leaders shall be appointed by the Principal, after consultation with the cluster members.

Provided that no additional staff will be required to be added to the teaching staff of the building (as determined by the Central ADMINISTRATION), a Building Principal has the discretion to adjust the teaching load of a Cluster/ Small Learning Community (SLC) Leader to assist him/her in performing the functions of a Cluster/ Small Learning Community (SLC) Leader.

The Cluster/ Small Learning Community (SLC) Leader shall be considered a member of the teaching faculty and shall have no authority of an administrative nature.

TABLE 1 Tier Following the initial mandatory educational training, which will be offered by the Department of Health (“DOH”), Vendors will be divided into two (2) Learning Community (“LC”) cohorts, one for the Silver level and one for the Gold level.