The Society Sample Clauses

The Society. The Society hereby represents and warrants that: (i) it has, and will have throughout the term of this Agreement, all right, title and interest in and to the Content and Society Properties, except for items that are in the public domain or that are obtained under valid licenses, (ii)) it has and will have the right to grant the license granted herein, (iii) the Society Content and Property do not and will not infringe any trade name, trademark or copyright, and (iv) there are no material suits, claims or proceedings currently pending or threatened against the Society based upon the Content and that the Society will promptly advise HealthGate of the pendency or threat of any such suits, claims or proceedings relating to the Content or the Site arising during the term of this Agreement.
The Society. While the Society makes no warrants of ownership over any Intellectual Property or Confidential Information as presented or reviewed during any meeting of the Institutional Review Board, the Society shall serve as de facto guarantor of the rights of its IRB and its members, assurer of the confidentiality of its IRB, and thus a party to any claim and/or remedy arising from the breach of this agreement.
The Society. 2.1 The copies of the articles of association of the Society, the statutes of the Fund, the by-laws of the Management Board and the by-laws of the Supervisory Board which are attached to the Disclosure Letter are true and complete in all respects.
The Society. The Society agrees to: [Insert a description of what the society agrees to do as part of this sponsorship agreement here] The Company The Company agrees to: Sponsor the Society, paying the sum of [insert amount to be paid] upon acceptance of the agreement. The sums stated in Schedule 1.4 to be payable to the Society are net of value added tax (if the Society is registered for value added tax purposes), which will be added to the Sponsorship. Consideration at the rate current at the date of payment. Such payments will be made at the dates indicated in Schedule 1.4, provided that the Company is in receipt of a correctly drawn invoice from the Society. The Company agrees to submit all material, content, and products to the Society in advance for the required StudentsUnion approval. Such approval will not be unreasonably withheld by the Society. Supply electronic templates of the Company’s logo if required. [Insert a description of any specific elements the company agree to do as part of this agreement here]
The Society. Landlord reserves the right to exclude from the site without notice, pending consideration of the matter by the committee under paragraph 43 above, any tenant or other person who is accused of gross misconduct such as (a) causing serious damage to any allotment or to the crops thereon or to any communal area or (b) while on the site, damaging or stealing the property of any other person or of the society or (c) assaulting or threatening any person on the site.
The Society. Landlord reserves the right, acting reasonably, at the end of any tenancy year and having given reasonable notice, to re-define the boundaries of any allotment and re-calculate the rent if it believes this to be necessary to promote the efficient and effective management of the site. Livestock - Option 1
The Society. A. Takes a leadership role in convening the FEDERAL AGENCIES and interested COOPERATORS to collaborate on the development and implementation of 50th anniversary programming and activities. The SOCIETY will provide leadership in scheduling and facilitating 50th planning team and working committee meetings. The SOCIETY will facilitate information sharing between the 50th planning team and the FEDERAL AGENCIES by providing a 50th planning team liaison whose role will be to ensure that agency leadership is well informed of 50th anniversary direction and decisions, and who will help identify opportunities for collaboration among the 50th planning team, FEDERAL AGENCIES, and all COOPERATORS.
The Society. Landlord is not responsible for any loss, theft, damage or injury to any persons or property on the allotment site, and all persons who enter the site do so at their own risk.
The Society. Your role as General Chair is to lead a team of volunteers to the successful planning of the conference and starts today and continues through to the successful closing of the conference financial books. The Society’s goals for conferences are in order of importance: To produce a quality publication to be published IEEE Xplore®. To contribute to the financial health of the Society and the IEEE. To disseminate new research results and ideas to the benefit of the community. To positively represent the Society and increase its visibility and prominence in the community. To network, exchange ideas and recruit members. IEEE Signal Processing Society commits to: