Unit Price Sample Clauses

Unit Price. Unless the bidder clearly indicates that the price is based on consideration of being awarded the entire lot and that an adjustment to the price was made based on receiving the entire bid, any difference between the unit price correctly extended and the total price shown for all items shall be offered shall be resolved in favor of the unit price.
Unit Price. The price published in the RSMeans Construction Cost Data Books for specific construction or construction related work tasks. Unit Prices for new Pre-priced Tasks can be established during the course of the Contract and added to the RSMeans Construction Cost Data Books. Each Unit Price is comprised of labor, equipment, and material costs to accomplish that specific Pre-priced Task.
Unit Price. The Unit Price for each Item shall also include all customs duties and charges, all Item preparation and clean-up charges, New York State motor vehicle inspection, installation charges and all other incidentals normally included with providing and delivery of an Item, including the manufacturer’s fees (e.g., destination charges). Delivery shall be FOB Destination. Contractors will be required to deliver Items anywhere within New York State boundaries. However Authorized Users, at their sole discretion, may pick up Item(s) at Contractor or Courtesy Dealer locations and shall be given a Pick Up Credit as set forth in Appendix C, Light Duty Vehicles including Law Enforcement (Model Year 2014 or Current Model Year) Documents, Number 2, Price Pages. This credit shall be included as a separate line item on the Authorized User’s invoice.
Unit Price. Sub-scale Automotive HOKU MEA September 2004March 2005 [ * ] [ * ] Full-scale Automotive HOKU MEA September 2004 – March 2005 [ * ] [ * ] Sub-scale HOKU CCM September 2004 – March 2005 [ * ] [ * ] Sub-scale HOKU Membrane September 2004 – March 2005 [ * ] [ * ] Full-scale HOKU Membrane September 2004 – March 2005 [ * ] [ * ] HOKU Initials & Date /s/ DS Sept. 10, 2004 NISSAN Initials & Date /s/ HT Sept. 6, 2004
Unit Price. For tasks with a definable work product but the quantity is uncertain and the contractor assumes the risk for all costs: a unit price times the number of units completed for each billing. Each invoice submitted shall identify the specific contract task(s) listed in as listed in Part III and the completed work product/deliverable for the agreed upon price listed in Part III Payment Schedule.
Unit Price. The purchase price for each System (the “Unit Price”) shall be set forth in Schedule 2.1 hereto, shall become effective upon said Schedule 2.1 being dated and signed by both Sealy and WRT, and shall remain effective until replaced by a new dated and signed Schedule 2.1 setting forth an adjusted Unit Price pursuant to Section 2.2 below. The Unit Price shall include the purchase price for the Equipment, the license fee for the WRT Technology, and all charges for packing, loading, transporting, unloading, installing and testing the System at the Installation Site and for insurance on the System pursuant to Section 4.2 below. Sealy shall not be liable to WRT for any additional price, fee or charge beyond the Unit Price for the purchase and installation of each System. The Unit Price shall not include the separate fee that Sealy agrees to pay WRT for post-sale services relating to the Equipment pursuant to the Master Service Agreement. The Unit Price shall not include the amounts that Sealy agrees to reimburse to WRT for payment of certain taxes pursuant to Section 2.4 below.
Unit Price. Effective with the date of first delivery the Unit Price shall be ( ** ) percent ( ** %) times the monthly average of P-5 WTI postings published daily in PlattsNorth American Crude Wire”. The Unit Price shall never be less than seventy cents ($0.70) per MCF. In the event Buyer fails to exercise the option to add quantities for the Aneth Unit Expansion as provided in Section 3.1 the Unit Price shall be ( ** ) percent ( ** %) times the monthly average of P-5 WTI postings published daily in Platts “North American Crude Wire”, and the Unit Price shall never be less than eighty cents ($0.80) per MCF for the remaining Total Contract Quantity herein.