Access Card definition

Access Card means an ATM card, debit card or credit card and includes our Visa Card
Access Card. – shall mean the identification card issued to Patrons.
Access Card. – shall mean an electronic Access Card issued by the District Manager to each Patron (as defined herein) to access the Amenity Facilities.

Examples of Access Card in a sentence

  • The Customer understands and acknowledges that the Access Card shall at all times remain the sole and exclusive property of the CPA, and must be returned by the Customer to the CPA upon notice to the Customer.

  • In conjunction with this Agreement, the CPA may, in its discretion, provide the Customer with an Access Card.

  • The cost of the Yardwaste Access Card will be $50.00 for 2023 which is a $5.00 increase from the 2022 fee.

  • Should a Customer require a new Access Card as a result of it being lost or damaged, CPA may issue a new Access Card and charge the Customer a replacement fee of $20.00.

  • Management Comments and Our ResponseThe Director, DHA, agreed to coordinate with the Service Surgeons general to enforce Common Access Card usage.

More Definitions of Access Card

Access Card means, our Visa debit card or credit card
Access Card means an access card issued, directly or indirectly, by a participating Financial. Institution to a Cardholder of such Financial Institution. An access card shall have the name of the Cardholder encoded and/or embossed thereon and/or a name, number or code which identifies such access card as being issued by a Financial Institution.
Access Card. – shall mean the photo ID issued by the Harbour Isles CDD Board of Supervisors which is required for use of District common property. Upon request, all access cards must be available for inspection by a representative of the District; failure to comply with this request may result in suspension of common property privileges.
Access Card means an ATM card, debit card or credit card and includes our VISA debit card
Access Card means a card, fob or other device provided by the CPA to the Customer to enable the Customer to have access to the Parking Lot specified in the Contract;
Access Card means the Access Card, Tag or Receptacle issued by us to you for use to enter the Facility.
Access Card means a Beach Club identification card issued by the Dunkirk Administration office to Beach Club Members as per the Rules.