Advertising Materials Sample Clauses

Advertising Materials. As an independent contractor, Representative has the full right to exercise his or her independent judgment in determining whether to advertise. Any advertising undertaken by Representative will be at his or her expense. However, to comply with applicable statutes, rules and regulations, Representative will submit to the Company for review all advertising or sales literature, as defined by the FINRA Rules, that Representative intends to use and obtain prior written approval of the proposed use of the literature by the Company.
Advertising Materials. (a) Advertising and sales literature with respect to the Fund prepared by ING or its agents for use in marketing its Contracts will be submitted to the Fund or its designee for review, and the Underwriter and its Designee for review before such material is submitted to any regulatory body for review. The Fund or its designee, and the Underwriter and its designee, shall advise the submitting part in writing within five (5) Business Days of its approval or disapproval of such materials.
Advertising Materials. Other than the currently effective Prospectus, the Distributor will not issue any advertising materials in connection with the sale of Shares, except for advertising materials which conform with the requirements of federal and state securities laws and regulations and rules of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. The Distributor agrees to cease use and publication of any advertising materials used in the sale of Shares upon reasonable objection of the Trust.
Advertising Materials. Licensee will not use, nor allow any third party to use, display, publish, broadcast, or in any manner disseminate any advertising or promotional material unless the same has first been approved by ZEROS.
Advertising Materials. Special Agent shall obtain Company’s written approval prior to using any advertising material or script identifying Company or Products, except such material provided by Company and used pursuant to Company’s instructions.
Advertising Materials. Pre-production samples of the advertising, --------------------- merchandising, promotional, and display materials of or concerning the Licensed Products (collectively referred to hereinafter as the "Advertising Materials") shall be submitted by Licensee to Sony, free of cost, for Sony's evaluation and approval as to quality, style, appearance, usage of any of the Licensed Trademarks, and appropriate reference of the notices, prior to any actual production, use, or distribution of any such items by Licensee or in its behalf. No such proposed Advertising Materials shall be produced, used, or distributed directly or indirectly by Licensee without first obtaining the written approval of Sony. Sony shall promptly evaluate any and all Advertising Materials submitted to Sony by Licensee, and shall use reasonable efforts to approve or disapprove any such submitted Advertising Materials [*]. Subject in each instance to the prior written approval of Sony, Licensee may use such textual and/or pictorial advertising matter (if any) as may be created by Sony or in its behalf pertaining to the Sony Materials and/or to the Licensed Trademarks on such promotional and advertising materials as may, in Licensee's judgment, promote the sale of the Licensed Products within the Licensed Territory. Sony shall have the right to use the Licensed Products in any advertising or promotion for Player at Sony's expense, subject to giving Licensee reasonable prior notice of such advertisement or promotion. Sony shall confer with Licensee regarding the text of any such advertisement. If required by Sony and/or any governmental entity, Licensee shall include, at Licensee's cost and expense, the required consumer advisory rating code(s) on any and all marketing and advertising materials used in connection with the Licensed Product, which shall be procured in accordance with the provisions of Section 6 below.
Advertising Materials. The FRANCHISEE will use only approved advertising and promotional materials for the advertising and promotions conducted by the FRANCHISEE. The FRANCHISEE must obtain written approval from CITY LOOKS prior to using any other advertising or promotional materials.
Advertising Materials. All available advertising materials.
Advertising Materials. Retailer shall only advertise, promote or otherwise market the Products using materials provided by or approved in advance by Tactacam (the "Advertising Materials"). Retailer shall promptly stop using Advertising Materials after Tactacam notifies Retailer that such materials are no longer approved. Retailer agrees that all modifications of Advertising Materials shall be the sole property of Tactacam, whether or not created by Retailer, except that Retailer shall retain ownership of any of Retailer's trademarks incorporated into such materials, and Tactacam shall have no right to use Retailer's trademarks.
Advertising Materials. Upon the termination of this Agreement, Licensee shall, at its own expense forthwith remove, efface or destroy all references to Penn from all advertising or other materials used in the promotion of Licensee’s business or the business of any Affiliate or Sublicensee and Licensee and any Affiliate and/or Sublicensee shall not thereafter represent in any manner that it has rights in or to the Penn Software, except as may be necessary for Licensee and any Affiliate and/or Sublicensee to exercise any of its retained rights under this Article 5.