Golf Course Sample Clauses

Golf Course. Employees at the golf course shall receive, prior to March 15th of each year, a six hundred and thirty five dollar ($635) gross taxable amount clothing allowance to purchase pants, jackets, vest, pullovers, sweatshirts, rain gear, coveralls, and other appropriate work clothes. In addition, the golf course shall provide golf style shirts and golf hat to the employees.
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Golf Course. 23.1 The HOA, represented by the developer, has entered into an agreement (the contract) with an independent contractor (the contractor) to operate the golf course as a business for his own account. The HOA will accordingly, during the currency of the contract, not be responsible for the maintenance of the golf course. In terms of the contract the contractor shall be liable, inter alia, for the costs of maintaining the golf course and shall be entitled to all profits derived therefrom. For the duration of the contract the public and the owners shall be entitled to play on the golf course provided they pay the fee prescribed by the contractor. The developer shall endeavour to negotiate a preferential fee on behalf of the owners.
Golf Course. The Canyons Master Plan includes an environmentally sensitive 18-hole golf course, as depicted in Exhibit B.4 so as to satisfy the County’s requirement that The Canyons be a world class, all season resort. The parties to this Amended Agreement whose property includes land for the proposed golf course acknowledge and agree that completion of the course is one of the highest priority public amenities in the SPA. To this end, all affected property owners hereby agree to establish an agreement within 90 days of the Effective Date of this Amended Agreement for the purpose of setting such lands aside at no cost to the County, RVMA, or other entity for the construction of the golf course. The Developers shall permit the golf course developer to construct the amenity without obstruction or interference. Prior to start of construction of the golf course, the affected property required for completing the golf course, including adequate buffer areas, shall be conveyed at no cost to the RVMA. Further, the RVMA and the Master Developer will ensure that the course is completed within 36 months of the effective date of this Amended Agreement, starting as early as possible in the Spring of 2000. In the event that the Master Developer does in fact exercise and commit the funds to ensure delivery of the golf course as indicated herein, then the Master Developer shall have the option of taking ownership of the golf course in its entirety. The golf course design shall, to the extent feasible based on the planned location, maximize the preservation of natural features especially in viewshed areas. This will be accomplished through the use of a “target course design” in the most environmentally sensitive areas. Outside of such areas design flexibility shall be permitted. In addition, the stream corridor in Willow Draw will be reclaimed by designing a more natural stream channel that removes the stream from culverts and creates appropriate water features, and pedestrian trails and benches along the stream through creative grading and as part of the plan. While priority may be given to residents and guests of properties within the boundaries of the RVMA and to a Developer participating in financing the course when approved by separate agreement with the RVMA, tee times, subject to all standard rules, regulations, and fees established for RVMA properties, shall be made available to the general public. The golf course shall require a Low Impact Permit approval.
Golf Course. The first nine holes of the golf course shall be finished by December 31, 2006 in conjunction with Xxxxx 0X. The second nine holes shall be finished following the completion of the next major phase within Division II, beyond Phases 1A through 1I, and prior to commencing construction of any other phase in Division II.
Golf Course. The Association has adopted Rules and Regulations for the use, maintenance, repair and operation of the Golf Course. Each Member in good standing shall have the right to use the Golf Course for its intended purposes, subject to the limitations, terms and conditions of the Rules and Regulation. THE ABILITY OF MULTIPLE OWNERS OF UNITS TO OBTAIN ACCESS TO AND USE OF THE GOLF COURSE MAY FROM TIME TO TIME BE LIMITED BY THE RULES AND REGULATIONS. The Rules and Regulations may permit non-Members the use of the Golf Course on a daily, short term, or long-term basis, and the terms of the use of the Golf Course by non- Members, including the cost of membership, privileges and the term of membership or access, shall be in accordance with the Rules and Regulations. The Rules and Regulations may be amended from time to time by the Board of Directors, as more particularly described in the Rules and Regulations; provided, however, that the Rules and Regulations shall not be amended so as to materially adversely affect the availability of tee times for, or other rights of use of the Golf Course by, Members except as approved by a majority of the Voting Members. The Association shall maintain and operate the Golf Course in a manner consistent with comparable golf courses located in residential communities in Collier County, Florida.
Golf Course. The PURCHASER acknowledges that the HOA is the custodian of the golf course and that the golf course is administered and maintained by the golf club management. Should the PURCHASER wish to become a club member, he/she will apply to the golf club in accordance with their normal requirements. SIGNED at on the day of 2023 Witnesses:
Golf Course. (a ) The golf course, driving range and associated lands and facilities shall be designed and constructed as generally illustrated on Schedule B1.C. Alterations to the layout may be considered by the Development Officer provided that such alterations maintain or improve the integrity of the road network, servicing systems, location and integration of land uses and environmental protection.
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Golf Course. The parties acknowledge that a portion of the property is currently utilized as a golf course and related uses, subject to a conditional use permit. Nothing contained within this Amendment shall be construed as an indication on the part of the City that such use is prohibited or constrained in any manner and such use may continue after the execution of this Agreement.
Golf Course. “Golf Course” or “Premises” or "Course" is the municipal golf course owned by the CITY, named Boundary Oak located in east Walnut Creek and more particularly described in Exhibit A attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference, including but not limited to the land, the driving range, the Clubhouse, the Food Service Facilities and the other Facilities.
Golf Course. By the date of the Initial Advance, Borrower shall enter into a Golf Course Use Agreement with respect to the Golf Course that will provide resort guests with access to the Golf Course at prevailing rates subject to availability and that is otherwise reasonably acceptable to Agent. With respect to the Golf Course Use Agreement, Borrower shall (a) observe and perform the obligations imposed upon Borrower or the Property; (b) not alter, modify, change or terminate, or permit the alteration, modification, change or termination of, the same without the prior written approval of Agent; (c) enforce its rights thereunder in a commercially reasonable manner so as to preserve for the benefit of the Property the full benefits of the same; (d) deliver to Agent a copy of any notice of default or other notice or correspondence received or delivered by Borrower in respect of the same promptly after Borrower’s receipt or within a reasonable period of time before delivery of such notice or correspondence; and (e) shall execute and deliver at the request of Agent all such further assurance, confirmation, pledges and assignments in connection with such Golf Course Use Agreement as Agent shall from time to time request.
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