Operation and Maintenance Sample Clauses

Operation and Maintenance a. The airport and all facilities which are necessary to serve the aeronautical users of the airport, other than facilities owned or controlled by the United States, shall be operated at all times in a safe and serviceable condition and in accordance with the minimum standards as may be required or prescribed by applicable Federal, state and local agencies for maintenance and operation. It will not cause or permit any activity or action thereon which would interfere with its use for airport purposes. It will suitably operate and maintain the airport and all facilities thereon or connected therewith, with due regard to climatic and flood conditions. Any proposal to temporarily close the airport for non-aeronautical purposes must first be approved by the Secretary. In furtherance of this assurance, the sponsor will have in effect arrangements for-
Operation and Maintenance. Each Party shall be solely responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities provided by it for Interconnection, subject to compatibility and cooperative testing and monitoring and the specific operation and maintenance provisions for equipment and facilities used to provide Interconnection. Operation and maintenance of equipment in Virtual Collocation shall be in accordance with the provisions of Article XII.
Operation and Maintenance. Throughout the period prior to any Termination of NAI’s Work, NAI must operate and maintain the Property in a good and workmanlike manner and in compliance with Applicable Laws in all material respects and pay or cause to be paid all fees or charges of any kind in connection therewith. (If NAI does not promptly correct any failure of the Property to comply with Applicable Laws that is the subject of a written complaint or demand for corrective action given by any Governmental Authority to NAI, or to BNPPLC and forwarded by it to NAI, then for purposes of the preceding sentence, NAI will be considered not to have maintained the Property “in compliance with all Applicable Laws in all material respects” whether or not the noncompliance would be material in the absence of the complaint or demand.) NAI must not use or occupy, or allow the use or occupancy of, the Property in any manner which violates any Applicable Law or which constitutes a public or private nuisance or which makes void, voidable or cancelable any insurance then in force with respect thereto. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, NAI must not conduct or permit others to conduct Hazardous Substance Activities on the Property, except Permitted Hazardous Substance Use and Remedial Work; and NAI must not discharge or permit the discharge of anything (including Permitted Hazardous Substances) on or from the Property that would require any permit under applicable Environmental Laws, other than (1) storm water runoff, (2) fume hood emissions, (3) waste water discharges through a publicly owned treatment works, (4) discharges that are a necessary part of any Remedial Work, and (5) other similar discharges consistent with the definition of Permitted Hazardous Substance Use which do not significantly increase the risk of Environmental Losses to BNPPLC, in each case in strict compliance with Environmental Laws. To the extent that any of the following would, individually or in the aggregate, increase the likelihood of a 97-10/Meltdown Event or materially and adversely affect the value of the Property or the use of the Property for purposes permitted by this Agreement, NAI must not, without BNPPLC’s prior consent: (i) initiate or permit any zoning reclassification of the Property; (ii) seek any variance under existing zoning ordinances applicable to the Property; (iii) use or permit the use of the Property in a manner that would result in such use becoming a nonconforming use under applicable z...
Operation and Maintenance. Customer shall operate and maintain the Covered Aircraft in accordance with Customer’s FAA-approved operations and maintenance programs. Customer shall operate and maintain the engines in accordance with the Operation and Maintenance Manuals and Customer's Maintenance Program and an Engine Management Program mutually defined and agreed to by the Engine Manufacturer and Customer.
Operation and Maintenance. Subject to the provisions of Section 4, NTI shall, at its sole cost and expense, operate and maintain the Transmission Facilities in good operating condition and repair with Permittee being notified of all such repairs. All persons performing maintenance, repairs or any other duties shall work under ANTI's direct and continuing supervision and in accordance with good engineering practices consistent with industry standards. In the event transmission service is interrupted for any reason, NTI shall notify Permittee immediately. NTI shall be solely responsible for the origination of all programming to be transmitted over the Channel, subject to the provisions of Section 4 hereof and applicable FCC rules and regulations. All personnel required to install, operate and maintain any program origination and delivery facilities shall be provided by NTI, at its sole cost and expense, and such personnel shall be under NTI's exclusive control, and shall not be considered to be employees or agents of Permittee for any purpose.
Operation and Maintenance a. CONTRACTOR shall furnish buses of a type and with the equipment required by federal and state law and regulations, including applicable Secretary of Education Regulations.
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Operation and Maintenance. As defined in Section 6, operation and maintenance of all appurtenances resulting from the Work outside the right-of-way will be the responsibility of the current property owner and subsequently any future property owner(s). Associated estimates for life-cycle maintenance costs, as well as contact information for identifying service professionals to maintain, repair and replace grinder pump systems, are detailed in the attached Septic Tank Elimination Program (STEP) Guide, which is incorporated by Reference into this Agreement, as if fully set forth herein, or such information can be found at the following Citizens website: xxx.XxxxxxxxXxxxxxXxxxx.xxx/XXXX.
Operation and Maintenance. Neither Party shall be responsible to perform any O&M on assets or facilities owned by the other Party. O&M by a Party on its own assets and/or facilities shall not be considered Work, activities or performancegoverned by this Agreement, nor shall any provisions of this Agreement apply in connection with the performance or non-performance of such O&M.
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