Master Plan Sample Clauses

Master Plan. The School shall prepare its own facility master plan in compliance with the rules of the Public School Capital Outlay Council and the Public Schools Capital Outlay Actxxvi.
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Master Plan. The Board and the Union agree that it is in the best interest of all stakeholders in the BCPSS that the parties to this Agreement work towards the realization of the goals set forth in the BCPSS Master Plan and its updates.
Master Plan. 5.12.1 The Concessionaire shall no later than 90 (ninety) days of the Appointed Date, prepare and submit, for review and comments from the Independent Engineer/ authorised representative of the Authority, a draft master plan ("Master Plan") for the Project. The Master Plan shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
Master Plan. The building contractor undertakes to deliver a master plan to be approved by the contracting authority and its advisors within 15 calendar days following notification of contract conclusion. This plan must sufficiently anticipate situations to allow the contracting authority to take decisions or provide answers or supply the documents that are incumbent upon it. The master plan will be updated at least every month and must be consistent with the construction planning. It will be aligned with the construction planning and will be based on the same document. The contractor will be sole manager of the planning of all activities required to perform this contract. In particular, he plans: - Set dates for delivering implementation plans that he needs, - The placing of orders to his suppliers and subcontractors, - The presentation in due time of samples and technical forms of products submitted for preliminary technical acceptance, - Measuring the works and the workshop manufacture period, - Indication of deadlines dates for decisions to be taken by the contracting authority, - Indication of deadline dates for the conclusion of modifications to orders being elaborated, - Indication of deadline dates for the achievement of works performed by other enterprises, - Registration, in due time, of the measurements of the works, - etc.
Master Plan. The master plan of the City, originally presented in 1984, as may be amended, modified or supplemented by the City, in conjunction with the Comprehensive Plan.
Master Plan. A copy of the proposed master plan detailing the proposed development for the Property (“Master Plan”) is attached hereto and made a part hereof as Exhibit “D”.
Master Plan. Concessionaire agrees that no liability shall attach to the City, its officers, agents and employees by reason of any efforts or action toward implementation of any present or future master layout plan for the Airport, and waives any right to claim damages or other consideration arising therefrom.
Master Plan. 1 Structure schedule to allow orderly planning, organizing and execution of Work as Bar Chart (XXXXX).
Master Plan. 8.3.1 The JVC shall prepare a Master Plan for the Airport setting out the proposed development for the entire Airport, planned over a 20 year time horizon. The Master Plan shall include traffic forecasts for this period and link all planned major development to these forecasts. The Master Plan shall be prepared in accordance with and include the following:
Master Plan. Document whose preparation shall be the responsibility of the party designated as Concession Holder, the same being submitted for approval by ORSNA. Such document shall indicate, for a period of 30 years, the projected development of each airport, the demand for aviation and nonaviation services, and the levels of satisfaction of such demand in accordance with international standards. The Master Plan shall incorporate the corresponding Investment Plan as one of its sections.