Master Plan Sample Clauses

Master Plan. The School shall prepare its own facility master plan in compliance with the rules of the Public School Capital Outlay Council and the Public Schools Capital Outlay Actxxvi.
Master Plan. The Board and the Union agree that it is in the best interest of all stakeholders in the BCPSS that the parties to this Agreement work towards the realization of the goals set forth in the BCPSS Master Plan and its updates.
Master Plan. The master plan of the City, originally presented in 1984, as may be amended, modified or supplemented by the City, in conjunction with the Comprehensive Plan.
Master Plan. BUYER and SELLER agree that effective on and after Closing either BUYER or SELLER may commence the processing of an application for a Master Plan on its respective property, and the Party so commencing such application shall provide the other Party the opportunity to participate in such Master Plan processing. In addition, the Parties agree that before any portion of the Property or the Remaining Party is sold to a third party, or made subject to a ground lease which ground lease (i) has a term equal to or in excess of fifty (50) years, and (ii) results in a change in the existing use, and not simply an expansion or increase in such existing use, on the Property or Remaining Property, as the case may be, from the uses on the Property (i.e., the Existing Uses) or Remaining Property (i.e., golf course and clubhouse), as the case may be, as of the Effective Date, the Party whose property is being sold or leased as described above shall commence the process for an application for a Master Plan and shall provide the other Party the opportunity to participate in the process and include its respective property in the Master Plan for the same or substantially comparable allowable uses as the property owned by the Party initiating the Master Plan process, to the fullest extent allowed by law, and that, if the Master Plan is actually approved, that the other property would be included therein. In order to comply with California Environmental Quality Act, Pub. Res. Code section 21000 et seq. and 14 Cal. Code Regs. section 15000 et seq. (collectively, “CEQA”) and give the public the opportunity to be aware of the environmental consequences of any such Master Plan, BUYER retains the absolute discretion to (i) approve or not approve the Master Plan and any projects thereunder as may be necessary to comply with CEQA; (ii) select other alternatives to avoid significant environmental impacts; (iii) balance the benefits of the Master Plan against any significant environmental impacts prior to taking final action, if such significant impacts cannot otherwise be avoided; and/or (iv) determine not to proceed with approval of the Master Plan. The above provision shall be contained in the Declaration and survive the Closing.
Master Plan. 8.3.1 The JVC shall prepare a Master Plan for the Airport setting out the proposed development for the entire Airport, planned over a 20 year time horizon. The Master Plan shall include traffic forecasts for this period and link all planned major development to these forecasts. The Master Plan shall be prepared in accordance with and include the following:
Master Plan a. Submit final document originalProvide electronic versions of all original files related to the Parks Master Plan. Provide 10 full-color, bound copies of the adopted Parks Master Plan.
Master Plan. NCL and API agree that there will be no material change to the Master Plans of the properties within the NCL group both in Cambodia and Thailand.
Master Plan. Document whose preparation shall be the responsibility of the party designated as Concession Holder, the same being submitted for approval by ORSNA. Such document shall indicate, for a period of 30 years, the projected development of each airport, the demand for aviation and nonaviation services, and the levels of satisfaction of such demand in accordance with international standards. The Master Plan shall incorporate the corresponding Investment Plan as one of its sections.
Master Plan. The Concession Holder shall be required to prepare a Master Plan for each of the airports included in Airport Group A, in accordance with ICAO/IATA specifications. Such Master Plan shall be submitted for approval by ORSNA within 24 months of the Effective Date, and shall reflect the investments to be received by each of the airports. The Master Plan shall in no case be permitted to reduce the total investment amount to which the Concession Holder is committed under its Investment Plan. Once approved by ORSNA, the Master Plan for each airport may be amended only with approval in advance from ORSNA. Master Plans shall be submitted for the term of the Concession Contract, and shall be adjusted by the Concession Holder when the following contingencies arise: - At airports with traffic exceeding 500,000 passengers per year, the Master Plan shall be updated at ten-year intervals, unless the airports concerned experience a difference on the order of 20% between actual passenger volume and that originally projected under the pertinent Master Plan. - At airports with traffic of less than 500,000 passengers per year, the Master Plan need not be updated unless the airports concerned experience a traffic volume differing by more than 50,000 passengers from that projected at the time of preparation of the pertinent Master Plan.