The Custodian definition

The Custodian means JCSD Trustee Services Limited or any other person appointed for the time being by the Fund to exercise the functions of the Custodian of the Fund.
The Custodian means the person (or persons) for the time being appointed and acting as custodian (or joint custodians) pursuant to these Articles;
The Custodian are to Mainspring Nominees Limited (registered in England and Wales with registration number 08255713 and with its registered address at 00 Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx, XX0X 0XX, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 591814);

Examples of The Custodian in a sentence

  • Extraordinary charges resulting from unusual administrative responsibilities not contemplated by the schedule will be subject to such additional charges as will reasonably compensate the Custodian.

  • The Custodian is authorized, however, to reserve such sum of money as it may deem advisable for payment of all its fees, compensation, costs and expenses, or for payment of any other liability constituting a charge on or against the assets of the custodial account or on or against the Custodian, and where necessary may liquidate shares in the custodial account for such payments.

  • Upon receipt by the Custodian of written acceptance of such appointment by the successor custodian, the Custodian shall transfer and pay over to such successor the assets of and records relating to the custodial account.

  • Further, the Custodian shall not incur any liability or responsibility in taking or omitting to take any action based on any notice, election, or instruction or any written instrument believed by the Custodian to be genuine and to have been properly executed.

  • The Custodian will not under any circumstances be responsible for the timing, purpose or propriety of any contribution or of any distribution made hereunder, nor shall the Custodian incur any liability or responsibility for any tax imposed on account of any such contribution or distribution.

More Definitions of The Custodian

The Custodian means, in relation to a person who is in custody, the person in charge of the place where he is detained;
The Custodian means the principal London office of The Bank of New York, which at the date of this Agreement is located at 00 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx XXX 0XX Xxxxxxx, as agent of the Depositary for the purposes of this Deposit Agreement, and any other firm or corporation which may hereafter be appointed by the Depositary pursuant to the terms of Section 5.5, as substitute or additional custodian or custodians hereunder.
The Custodian. The Custodian is either: (a) an affiliate of the Secured Party or (b) a bank or trust company having total assets of at least US $10,000,000,000. (ii) "Use of Posted Collateral" The provisions of Paragraph 6(c) will apply.
The Custodian means Stanbic Bank Ghana Ltd
The Custodian means the Custodian of Enemy Property for the Bechuanaland Protectorate;
The Custodian means State Street Bank and Trust Company; “Depositary Agreement” has the meaning set out on page 33;
The Custodian means the Custodian of Enemy Property for the Republic;