Furnishing Sample Clauses

Furnishing. Landlord will provide office furniture to Tenant for use in the Premises as more particularly described in Exhibit "C" attached hereto.
Furnishing. The Authority shall furnish the Center which shall include purchasing or leasing furniture, equipment, supplies, and other appointments other than fixtures. The Cities anticipate that the Alliance shall use its own revenues and raise privately donated funds sufficient to pay the costs of furnishing. However, the Authority may also request contributions from the Cities and the Cities may raise and contribute towards the cost of furnishing without the necessity of amending this Agreement. Any request for funds in a fiscal year shall be subject to approval of the respective City Council in that year.
Furnishing. The premises must be furnished at all times and until the expiration or termination date of the lease, with equipment, furniture, and merchandise in such quantity and value as to be sufficient to respond to and serve at all times as a guarantee for the Lessor to cover payment of the rent and all service and maintenance charges and obligations of the present lease.
Furnishing. The Guest understands that the accommodation is privately owned, including the furnishing. The furnishings include washer, dryer, stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, vacuum cleaner, monitor & DVD player linens and bath towels (does not include beach towels; please bring your own). Please treat the furnishing as you would your own. The Owner is not responsible for providing any additional furnishings or equipment not presently on the premises.
Furnishing. The Lessee undertakes to keep the Leased Premises in effective use in accordance with their contractual intended use as provided in the Lease. The Lessee shall equip and furnish the Leased Premises and shall keep them constantly equipped and furnished, throughout the duration of its possession, with furniture, moveable property and equipment - with the exception of any goods - of sufficient quality and value to cover the payment of the Rent and the performance of the conditions and charges of the Lease.
Furnishing. The Lessor shall furnish the Premises with the following items: [LIST FURNISHINGS].