Office Building Sample Clauses

Office Building. This Lease Agreement (this “Lease Agreement”) is made and entered into as of the date set forth on the signature page between SHERIDAN HILLS DEVELOPMENTS L.P., a Texas limited partnership, hereinafter referred to as “Landlord”, and BELLICUM PHARMACEUTICALS, INC., a Delaware corporation, hereinafter referred to as “Tenant”:
Office Building. AREA is as set forth on Exhibit A-1.
Office Building. AREA is as set forth on Exhibit A-1 attached hereto and made a part hereof.
Office Building. COUNTY shall provide a structure for office or shelter, unless otherwise agreed.
Office Building. The Leased Premises is located in the --------------- Building. Tenant's use and occupancy of the Leased Premises shall include the use, in common with others, of the Common Areas described in Article 12 but excepting therefrom and reserving unto Landlord the exterior faces of all exterior walls, the roof and the right to install, use and maintain where necessary in the Leased Premises all pipes, duct work, conduits and utility lines through hung ceiling spaces, partitions, beneath the floor or through other parts of the Leased Premises, and further subject to all present easements, restrictions and agreements affecting the Building.
Office Building. Marco and Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx shall have transferred physical possession and valid title in the Office Building to ISI pursuant to the terms of the Office Building Purchase Agreement. The Lease shall have been terminated."
Office Building. This Lease Agreement (this “Lease Agreement”) is made and entered into as of the date set forth on the signature page between Aerospace Operating Associates, LP, a New Mexico limited partnership, hereinafter referred to as “Landlord”, and Orion Marine Group, Inc., a Delaware corporation, hereinafter referred to as “Tenant”:
Office Building. The scope of the abatement-related work increased to include removal of additional asbestos- containing exterior waterproofing mastic materials below the aggregate concrete walkways from portions of the west elevation and south elevation (west side) of the LBJ Building and at the west side patio area (between LBJ and Annex Buildings) on the ground level. Terracon understands the additional asbestos consulting services will be added to the overall budget for the ongoing asbestos abatement project at LBJ as reflected in our original proposal for asbestos consulting services (P96217106, dated February 12, 2021) and our proposal for additional services (P96217106 Revision 1, dated February 7, 2022). The additional budget increase requested in this proposal when combined with our previous proposals is intended to cover third-party inspection/air monitoring field hours accrued from the start of the abatement project to date and is currently anticipated to be an adequate amount to cover approximately nine additional days on site as needed when the next exterior phase of abatement-related work at LBJ is ultimately scheduled. Terracon Consultants, Inc. 0000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000 P (000) 000 0000 F (000) 000 0000 If the scope of the abatement project continues to increase beyond what is currently anticipated or if the abatement work is not able to be completed in a timely fashion due to access/schedule limitations, inadequate crew size, etc., we will submit another request for additional fees to be added to the budget. DocuSign Envelope ID: 0BAD573F-5612-4D11-B022-B1C2498E383D PROJECT BUDGET The following is an estimate based upon available data and will not be exceeded without Client approval. ESTIMATED PROJECT COST INCREASE DESCRIPTION COST Additional on-site Inspection/Air Monitoring (includes collection and analysis of up to ten PCM air samples/day) – $85/hour (estimate 90 hours) $7,650.00 Additional Project Management (includes project coordination, site meetings, abatement design revisions, and other project related work) - $150/hour (estimate 2 hours) $300.00 Additional Report Preparation - $95/hour (estimate 4 hours) $380.00 Additional Clerical - $65/hour (estimate 2 hours) $130.00 Total Estimate Cost Increase $8,460.00 Terracon’s invoice will be submitted to the client upon completion of the proposed services. If conditions are encountered at the site which require significant changes in the scope of services ...
Office Building. The Limited Common Areas assigned to Unit #1 shall be the parking lot and remaining land labeled LCA Unit #1 on the Site Plan.
Office Building. The Parties acknowledge that the quality and mix of tenants in the Office Building are important to the overall success of the Office Building and is important to the City in order to maintain the quality and character of the Office Building consistent with the goals and objectives of the City. To that end, the Parties agree that, to the extent a Party selects or approves tenants, subtenants, or assignees, the Office Building shall be operated in a manner consistent with a "Class A" office building and that in selecting tenants or subtenants for the Office Building certain uses shall be prohibited and shall not be allowed under any circumstances. Prohibited uses include any use which emits a noxious or obnoxious odor, dust, vibration, noise or sound which can be heard or smelled outside any space within the Office Building; any operation primarily used as a wholesale or warehouse operation and any assembling, refining, smelting, agricultural or mining operation; any second hand store, thrift store, surplus store or flea market; any fire sale, bankruptcy sale (unless under court order) or auction house operation; any central laundry, dry cleaning plant, or laundromat; any recycling facility except as required by law; any business where the primary enterprise is the sale of liquor or beer for off premise consumption; any adult oriented establishments whether for sale, rent or on-site use or viewing including adult book stores/adult cabaret/adult motion picture theater/or adult arcade; any theater of any type, any day spa, any church, or house of worship, any veterinary hospital or kennel or similar animal-related uses; any establishments for sale or rent of funerary supplies, mortuary or related activities or services; any manufacturing facility; any facility for repair of any appliances or other products; any establishments for the sale, storage, rental, and/or servicing of vehicles and vehicle parts; any facility using/storing or treating Hazardous Materials or facility for rent or storage spaces or for warehousing; any facility for the housing of passive components such as digital switching units; any sale of firearms, guns or explosives; any sale of military or security supplies or surplus; any massage parlor; any card room, fortune teller, any tattooing or body piercing parlors; any sale of drug paraphernalia or supplies; any ice dispenser; any feeding center; and any storage facility.