Privately owned definition

Privately owned means technology hardware and software that is purchased, owned, and maintained by the student at no expense to the school or school district.
Privately owned means not in government ownership i.e. residents, businesses, incorporated bodies etc. are all considered to be “private owners” for the purposes of this policy.

Examples of Privately owned in a sentence

  • Privately owned or leased vehicle's Registration Sticker Process All Property Owners are required to annually register all Privately Owned or Leased Vehicles driven or operated on Raintree Plantation premises with the POA office.

  • Privately owned long term empty homes are the focus of this strategy, but concerns will be highlighted to Public Bodies and Housing Associations (Registered Providers) where an empty home they own requires attention.

More Definitions of Privately owned

Privately owned means and includes all individuals, incorporated companies, co-
Privately owned means the sole ownership of the offered truck by the Owner-Operator which does not include co-ownership, partnership(s), company(ies), or automotive leasing institutions.
Privately owned means the propagation and holding of whitetail whose origins are from private- ly owned populations.
Privately owned means owned by a person other than a public or government body, or agency or authority.
Privately owned means owned by a natural person through an inter vivos trust and used for
Privately owned means owned by private individual(s) and/or private organization(s), rather than the County or other governmental bodies
Privately owned means the person claiming ownership of the bison shall exhibit, upon demand, documentation of proof of ownership that meets the approval of a representative of the Board.