New Construction Sample Clauses

New Construction. After Acceptance, U S WEST shall complete any new construction, relocation or installation of poles, ducts, conduits or ROW required to be performed by U S WEST or any U S WEST construction, relocation or installation requested by Pac-West within a reasonable period of time based on standard construction intervals in the industry or sixty (60) days after obtaining all governmental authority or permits necessary to complete such construction, relocation or installation. If U S WEST anticipates that construction, relocation or installation will go beyond standard industry intervals or the sixty (60) day period, U S WEST shall immediately notify Pac-West and the Parties shall mutually agree on a completion date.
New Construction. New construction not provided for in this Conservation Plan will be subject to a heritage alteration permit.
New Construction. If the improvements on the subject property are under construction or are to be constructed, this Agreement shall be subject to approval plans and specifications by the parties within days of final acceptance of this agreement, new construction shall have the warranties applied by law, specifically made by suppliers of materials/appliances or specifically tendered by the contractor.
New Construction. New Construction shall include all work except that work which falls within the definition ofMaintenance” work as defined in Section 1.3.2.
New Construction. New construction not provided for in this Conservation Plan will be subject to a Heritage Alteration Permit.
New Construction. The Contractor shall procure and maintain Builder’s Risk insurance naming the Owner, Contractor, and any Subcontractor as insureds as their interest may appear. Covered causes of loss form shall be all Risks of Direct Physical Loss, endorsed to include flood, earthquake, transit and sprinkler leakage where sprinkler coverage is applicable. Unless specifically authorized in writing by the Owner, the limit of insurance shall not be less than the initial contract amount and coverage shall apply during the entire contract period and until the work is accepted by the Owner.
New Construction new classroom facilities or new additions to existing classroom facilities; budget calculated pursuant to Administrative Rule 3318-4-01.