New Construction Sample Clauses

New Construction. If this contract is for a Property that is newly constructed and the new construction option is selected, coverage begins on day one (1) of month thirteen
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New Construction. (a) Fire Code protection requirement and the required hourly fire resistance rating of the assembly
New Construction. The Recipient shall ensure that the design of new buildings, or additions, which the SHPO has determined does not meet the Standards, or SHPO approved design guidelines, is carried out in accordance with the final plans and specifications reviewed and approved by the SHPO prior to initiating the undertaking.
New Construction. New construction not provided for in this Conservation Plan will be subject to a heritage alteration permit.
New Construction. If the improvements on the subject property are under construction or are to be constructed, this Agreement shall be subject to approval plans and specifications by the parties within days of final acceptance of this agreement, new construction shall have the warranties applied by law, specifically made by suppliers of materials/appliances or specifically tendered by the contractor.
New Construction. When the project is for new construction or renovation, the Contractor shall coordinate with the Purchaser’s project manager to ensure that all work is performed in coordination with ongoing construction activities in such a manner as to cause the least possible disruption to other Contractors, finished surfaces, and facilitate the most efficient method for completion of the work.
New Construction. Where the fabrication contractor is responsible for field installation or work classified as new construction, the installation shall be covered by the Local or Provincial Agreement. Where no Local or Provincial Agreement exists between the parties then in this event the Canadian National Construction Agreement shall be applicable to such work.
New Construction. New classroom facilities or new additions to existing classroom facilities; budget calculated pursuant to Administrative Rule 3318:1-03.
New Construction i. The Grantee has received approval of the site and the plans from the California Department of Education and the Division of the State Architect. Plan approval is not required if request is for separate design Apportionment. (Authority: SFP Regulation Section 1859.81.1)
New Construction. A new dwelling financed with a guaranteed loan must: