Maintenance Charges definition

Maintenance Charges means the charges payable by the applicant to the Maintenance Agency in accordance with the demand raised by the Maintenance Agency for the maintenance and up keep of the said building/ said complex, including common areas and facilities but does not include; (a) the charges for actual consumption of utilities in the Dwelling Unit including but not limited to electricity, water, which shall be charged based on actual consumption on monthly basis and (b) any statutory payments, taxes, with regard to the Dwelling Unit/ said building/said complex.
Maintenance Charges means the annual assessment paid for maintenance, taxes and management fees for the Home Resort owned by You.
Maintenance Charges shall comprise of the Common Expenses and such other charges incurred for the welfare and maintenance of the Project;

Examples of Maintenance Charges in a sentence

  • Charges will be made as listed on the Schedule of Maintenance Charges posted by the CHA, or when work is not listed on the Schedule of Maintenance Charges, charges will be equal to the actual cost to the CHA for the labor and materials needed to complete the work.

  • In the event that the property the subject matter of this Auction Contract is leasehold interest then it is hereby agreed that the Seller shall not be required to pay any sums that may be outstanding to the Landlord under the terms of the Lease be it Ground Rent, Insurance, Service or Maintenance Charges and the Buyer will be responsible for any payments demanded by the Landlord including any sums due from the period prior to the completion date.

  • The operational costs/charges of the Club will be included in the Maintenance Charges of unit owners of Alpine and be as determined from time to time by the Promoter/Maintenance Company and/or the Association.

  • Name of tenderer : Address : Landline/Mobile Number : Last date of submission : June 10, 2015 on or before 03.00 p.m.PART – II Schedule of Quantities ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT FOR MANAGEMENT OF FIRE-FIGHTING SYSTEMS (FIRE HYDRANT, SPRINKLER SYSTEMS, FIRE EXTINGUISHER & CLEANING OF FIRE ALARM SMOKE DETECTORS) AT BANK’S MAIN OFFICE BUILDING, ZTC-KHARGHAR & KHARGHAR COLONY FOR THE PERIOD FROM JULY 01, 2015 TO JUNE 30, 2016 Part-A – Annual Maintenance Charges for Fire Fighting System.

  • Required Maintenance Charges: ................................................................

More Definitions of Maintenance Charges

Maintenance Charges means the proportionate amount of Common Expenses payable monthly by the Allottee to the Maintenance Agency;
Maintenance Charges means the charges payable by the User to the Maintenance Agency for the Maintenance Services but this does not include the charges for actual consumption of utilities in the Said Apartment including but not limited to electricity, water, charges which shall be charged on monthly basis as per actual consumption/ usage and also does not include any statutory payments/taxes with regard to Said Complex/ Said Building/ Said Apartment. The maintenance charges will be calculated on the basis of actual cost of Maintenance Services.
Maintenance Charges with respect to any Lease, the amount owing by the Lessee under the terms of the related Lease in respect of maintenance services being provided in connection therewith. Maturity: with respect to any installment of principal of or interest on any Note, the date on which such installment is due and payable as therein or herein provided, whether at the Stated Maturity, by declaration of acceleration, or otherwise.
Maintenance Charges means the monthly charges towards the maintenance services, as provided in Annexure C-I (a).
Maintenance Charges means any and all costs assessed pursuant to Article X, Sections 2 and 3.
Maintenance Charges means, with respect to any Receivable, any amount owing by the Obligor under the related Contract in respect of supplies and/or maintenance services being provided to such Obligor.
Maintenance Charges shall have the meaning ascribed to it in clause 15(c);