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DVD Player means a DVD Disc reader that has the internal capability to play back content encrypted on a DVD Disc using CSS, that incorporates the Disc Key Recovery Logic, the Title Key Recovery Algorithm and the Content Scrambling Algorithm, and that does not operate through use of the CSS Authentication Algorithm.
DVD Player. [_] [_] 409. - "DVD Drive" [_] [_] 509. - "CSS Decryption Module Manufacturer" [_] [_] 609. - "Descrambler" [_] [_] 709. - "Authenticator Module for DVD Drive" [_] [_] 809. - "Authenticator Module for CSS Descryption Module" [_] [_] ---------- /1/ Fee is subject to periodic review and change EXHIBIT "D" TO CSS LICENSE AGREEMENT ________________________________________________________________________________ CONTACT PERSON Name: ______________________________________________ Title: ______________________________________________ Company: ___________________________________________ Division: __________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

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  • Recordings will be available in the following formats at a fee adopted by Council annually:  Digital recordings CD ROM (complete with FTR Reader) for use on a Personal Computer; or Audio recordings CD ROM for use on a CD Player or DVD Player.

  • Following facilities are available in the Department:Library: The Department has Hafeez Meeruti Memorial library, with rich collection of books.Computer Lab: The computer lab in the department is equipped with 11 Computers, 6 Printers, 3 scanners, Urdu software (Inpage), and Internet facility.Audio-Visual Lab: This lab is equipped with LCD Projector, Colour Television, DVD Player, Audio Player and Recorder, etc.Sa-adat Hasan Manto Reading room, Premchand Seminar Hall.

  • The following equipment is required and will be in working order prior to departure.- DVD Player- Wireless Internet- Satellite TV- TV’s- 110 Volt Outlet 6.

  • Recordings will be available in the following formats at a fee adopted by Council annually:  Digital recordings CD ROM (complete with FTR Reader) for use on a Personal Computer; or Audio recordings CD ROM for use on a CD player or DVD Player.

  • If the grievance is not resolved at Step 4, the employee may within ten (10) days after receipt of the Human Resources Director’s written answer, deliver to the City Manager a written request for advisory arbitration.

  • Please refer to your local broadcasting stations for more information.• The HDTV’s tuner is designed for HDTV therefore requires a stronger signal than normal TVs. If you cannot achieve that signal level with your antenna or cable, your HDTV might lose picture or sound.Connecting DVD Player with Component YPbPr… 1.

  • Each DVD Player shall be designated for only one region and shall implement regional code playback controls so that CSS Data are not played back except in accordance with the regional code instructions contained on the prerecorded DVD Disc.

  • For example, the User Manual (“E-Manual”) for the Samsung Blu-ray DVD Player Model BD-H8500 and similar models includes two pages of information on “Using the Keyboard Pop-Up.” Specifically, the User Manual instructs users on how to activate the keyboard pop-up, how to use the remote control to select “a letter or number,” how to enter that letter or number, how to delete characters, and how to finish a selection.

  • Here are some common devices and their watt-hour requirements: Device Power from Yeti 400 Light-a-Life 12V Lantern (3Wh) 130 Hrs Smartphone (5-7Wh) 30+ Recharges Tablet (25-42Wh) 10+ Recharges DVD Player (20-25W) 14-17 Hrs Laptop (50W) 2-17 Hrs Radio/Stereo (40W) 7 Hrs Desktop Computer (100W) 3-3.5 Hrs Printer (90W) 1.5 Hrs 32” LCD TV (98-156W) 2-3.5 Hrs When you’re deciding on what to power from your new GOAL ZERO recharger, do some research into your device’s wattage consumption.

  • In addition to the provisions below, and in addition to the list of per se violations contained in Section, it shall be a per se violation of these Procedural Specifications for an implementation of RPC functions subject to this Section to be capable of being defeated or circumvented through reprogramming provided in a disc played on the DVD Player after Licensee has sold or transferred the DVD Player.

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DVD Player. [ ] [ ] 409. - “DVD Drive” [ ] [ ] 509. - “CSS Decryption Module Manufacturer” [ ] [ ] 609. - “Descrambler” [ ] [ ] 709. - “Authenticator Module for DVD Drive” [ ] [ ]
DVD Player means Sony DVD player models DVPF21S, DVPNS300, DVPNS315SM, DVPNS415, DVPNS315, DVPNS400D, DVPS330, DVPS530D, DVPS570D, DVPS360, DVPS550D, DVPS500D, DVPS560D, DVPC670D, and DVPNC600.
DVD Player means a commercially available electronic product band source. “Television” does not include multifunction TVs which have
DVD Player means a playback device that is at least capable of (i) reading data stored or recorded on the DVD Disc which conforms to the applicable DVD Format Book(s) licensed to Licensee hereunder, and (ii) converting that data into signals intended to be used for visual and/or audio reproduction, or that is further capable of reproducing the data as visual and/or audio information. DVD Decoder means a device, implemented by means of software (or in combination with hardware), (i) that is installed (or to be installed) and used in a data processing apparatus, and (ii) that is at least capable of converting visual and/or audio data, that are stored or recorded on a DVD Disc that conforms to the applicable DVD Format Book(s) licensed to Licensee hereunder, into signals intended to be used for visual and/or audio reproduction, or that is further capable of reproducing the data as visual and/or audio information via the data processing apparatus.
DVD Player means a DVD player, portable DVD player, automotive DVD player, mini-combo DVD player, or a DVD home theater system that uses an optical drive during operation.
DVD Player means a commercially available electronic product video television signal broadcast by an antenna, satellite, cable, or broad- encased in a single housing that includes an integral power supply and for band source. “Television” does not include multifunction TVs which have which the sole purpose is the decoding of digitized video signals on a DVD. VCR, DVD, DVR, or EPG functions.

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  • Web Site means any point of presence maintained on the Internet or on any other public data network. With respect to any Website maintained on the World Wide Web, such Website includes all HTML pages (or similar unit of information presented in any relevant data protocol) that either (a) are identified by the same second-level domain (such as xxxxxxxxx.xxx) or by the same equivalent level identifier in any relevant address scheme, or (b) contain branding, graphics, navigation or other characteristics such that a user reasonably would conclude that the pages are part of an integrated information or service offering.

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