English Translation Sample Clauses

English Translation. Any documents, materials, notices, products, ------------------- royalty reports, agreements (including sublicense agreements), copies of promotional materials or other information required to be provided to InterTrust or for InterTrust's review and/or approval hereunder shall be provided in the English language. Any and all translation costs in this regard shall be borne by MBC.
English Translation. A case or event covered by the provisions or stipulations of a treaty.”
English Translation. Agreement to Amend the "Pre-sale Building Unit Purchase and Sale Agreement, A5 Building, Taipei Enterprise Headquarters Park" This Agreement is entered into by and among: Jack Jie Qin ("Jack Jie Qin") Transglobe Life Insurance Inc. ("TransGlobe") EFT Investment Co. Ltd. ("EFT") Whereas Jack Jie Qin arranged to pre-purchase from TransGlobe all the building units on the 1st to the 6th floors, one unit on the 7th floor, and the 65 parking spaces appurtenant to the above units (the "Purchased Property") in the No. A5 office building (the "A5 Building") situated in the northwest corner of the Neihu Enterprise Headquarters Park, and, on 2 May 2011, signed seven separate Pre-sale Building Unit Purchase and Sale Agreements respectively for each of the 1st, 2nd, 3th, 4th, 5th, and 6th floors and one unit on the 7th floor (the "Pre-Sale Agreements"). On 31 May 2011, the three parties Jack Jie Qin, TransGlobe, and EFT signed an agreement (the "Three Party Agreement") stipulating matters in connection with the assumption and performance of the Pre-Sale Agreements. Now, therefore, on this day of 7 July, the three parties hereto, in connection with matters including the force and effect of the Pre-Sale Agreements and the Three Party Agreement, hereby stipulate and agree to be mutually bound by the following terms and conditions:
English Translation. Any documents, instruments or agreements which direct or obligate the Mexican Collateral Agent shall be provided to the Mexican Collateral Agent in English language or with an English language translation.
English Translation. B&G shall provide a true and correct English translation at B&G's sole cost of any non-English language document, certificate or other writing, delivered or deliverable by B&G, as may be reasonably requested by Paul-Son from time to time.
English Translation. Both parties shall take best efforts to provide any information to the other in English. In case a document needs to be translated exclusively for one party's needs, the same party shall bear the costs of such translation.
English Translation. For purposes of incidence and payment of royalties to the Franchisor concerning the Master Franchise Agreement and the Franchise Agreement to be entered into by the Master Franchisee and his franchisees in the Territory, net sales, which will serve as basis of calculation of royalties, shall mean the sale of all products and supply of all services in all restaurants, upon payment in cash or credit, including commissions on the automatic machines, excluding the taxes incident upon the operation and cancellations due to errors by employees, errors arising from defect of sales equipment or arising from return of products by consumers, all duly evidenced. SOLE PARAGRAPH - Net sales shall also include the sales made during events held by the Master Franchisee and by the BOB'S franchisees in the Territory. ROYALTIES
English Translation. Harmony is unity in diversity.”
English Translation. In the event Subcontractor has employees who are not professionally proficient in communicating in the English language, a bi-lingual employee who is so proficient must be designated and stationed at the Project at all times that Subcontractor’s employees who are not so proficient are on the Project.
English Translation. Master Franchisee his project of menu to be used in the Territory, taking into account the costumes and culture of his consumers, also suggesting new products to be used.