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Other Clauses. 18.1 The non-exercise, partial exercise, or delay in the exercise of any rights that the borrower has under this Agreement shall not constitute the abandonment or alteration of such rights, nor shall it impact the borrower’s future exercise of such rights or any other rights it has under this Agreement.
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Other Clauses. The agreement may be settled before the final due date. The collateral may also be switched out for another one before the end of the term. In that case, a new agreement is made for the same period of time as the prior one, and a service fee is collected. Other expenses Should HFF incur any costs during the term of the agreement, due to the custody, registration or transaction of collateral securities, HFF is entitled collect that cost.
Other Clauses. In order to ensure the proper execution of the obligations assumed by the parties and in the case of the appearance of legislative changes regarding the activity provided by the parties, the FUDX has the right to impose the unilateral modification of this Contract and the annexes thereto. The total or partial modification of the clauses of the Contract has no effect on the obligations already due between the parties. The modification of this contract is made only by an additional act concluded between the contracting parties. The present contract, together with its annexes that form an integral part of its contents, represents the will of the parties and removes any other verbal agreement between them, before or after its conclusion. This contract was concluded in a number of 2 (Two) copies, of which 1 (one) for the FUDX and 1 (one) for the Channel Partner, today , in India. FUDX Channel Partner (Stamp & Signature) (Stamp & Signature) Represented By Represented By Xx. Xxxxx Xxxxxx General Manager ANNEX 1 Tie Up % Partners share 5- 9.99 0.25% 10 0.45% 11 0.50% 12 0.55% 13 0.60% 14 0.65% 15 0.70% 16 0.80% 17 0.90% 18 1.00%
Other Clauses. 27.1. Any right belonging to one Party, as mentioned herein, shall trigger the correlative obligation of the other Party, even if such obligation is not expressly stipulated within the Agreement.
Other Clauses. 12.1 The Loan Note hereunder and related documents and materials confirmed by both parties shall be indivisible integral part hereof.
Other Clauses. 28.1 The failure, delay, relaxation or indulgence on the part of either party in exercising any power or right conferred under this contract does not operate as a waiver of that power or right, nor does any single exercise of a power or part exercise of right preclude any other or further exercise of this power or right under this agreement.
Other Clauses. 5.1 This contract can be modified by agreement of the parties.
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Other Clauses. 30.1. It is hereby agreed that the Tenant acknowledges and understands that neither he, nor any of his guests or invitees, shall be permitted to smoke in the Premises at any time.
Other Clauses. During the guarantee period, CER Yangzhou will be requested for the guaranteed responsibility if there is any breach of contract under the "waste heat recovery upgrading project contract" or if CGN Energy regards that an event happened that affects its ability on realizing its claims.
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