Port of definition

Port of. Engagement" in this Agreement means that place at which a bargaining unit member is, at the direction of the Employer, engaged aboard a vessel.

Examples of Port of in a sentence

  • F.A.S. Port of Shipment The date on which the Seller deliver the goods alongside the vessel at the specified port of shipment.

  • F.O.B. Port of Shipment The date on which the Seller delivers the goods on vessel’s board at the specified port of shipment.

  • In case of FOB (Port of Shipment) contracts, the purchaser has to arrange transportation its own cost and risk.

  • The Port of Oakland (the “Port”) is legally known as the City of Oakland, a Municipal Corporation, Acting by and through its Board of Port Commissioners.

  • C.I.F. Port of Destination The date on which the goods actually arrived at the Destination Port.

  • In case of CIF (Port of Destination) contracts, transport of the goods to the port of destination in the Purchaser's country, as shall be specified in the contract, shall be arranged and paid for by the Supplier, and the cost thereof shall be included in the Contract Price.

  • Per Port of Oakland provisions, Final Payment WILL NOT be made until this form is properly filled out and submitted to the Port of Oakland.

  • C.I.F. Port of Destination The date on which the goods actually arrived at the Destination Port.Note - The FAS, FOB & CIF terms of delivery are applicable for goods which are directly imported from foreign countries against the subject contract and not imported already by the Seller/Supplier under its own arrangement.

  • Bidder agrees that if it enters into a Contract (or Purchase Order) with the Port, it will comply with all applicable conflict of interest codes adopted by the City of Oakland and Port of Oakland and their reporting requirements.

  • The certified firm is issued a letter by the Port of Oakland that states their certification status as well as the expiration date of the certification.

Related to Port of

  • Transfer Passenger means passenger arriving and departing on a different aircraft, or on the same aircraft bearing different flight numbers.

  • Procurement organization means an eye bank, organ procurement organization, or tissue bank.

  • Help Desk the telephone helpdesk described in Clause 7.1;

  • port townsite means the townsite to be established pursuant to this Agreement near the harbour;

  • Automotive hard paste wax means an automotive wax or polish that is:

  • Private carrier means any insurer, including the successor to the Commission, authorized by the insurance commissioner to provide workers’ compensation insurance pursuant to chapters twenty-three and thirty-three of the West Virginia Code, but shall not include self-insured employers.

  • Commercial Mobile Radio Services (CMRS) means Commercial Mobile Radio Service, As Defined in the Act and FCC rules.

  • Major processor means a user processing, handling, or manufacturing radioactive material exceeding Type A quantities as unsealed sources or material, or exceeding four times Type B quantities as sealed sources, but does not include nuclear medicine programs, universities, industrial radiographers, or small industrial programs. Type A and B quantities are defined in this rule.

  • Airport Ground Support Equipment means vehicles and equipment used at an airport to service aircraft between flights.

  • Directory assistance means an ancillary service of providing:

  • Passenger Services means the Franchisee's railway passenger services as specified in any Timetable and/or Plan of the Day including those railway passenger services which the Franchisee may delegate or subcontract or otherwise secure through any other person from time to time in accordance with the Franchise Agreement;

  • petroleum agreement means an agreement for the purpose of petroleum activities entered into by Government and another person in accordance with this Act;

  • Transportation network company means a company or organization facilitating and/or providing transportation services using a computer or digital application or platform to connect or match passengers with drivers for compensation or a fee.

  • Telecommunications Carrier means any provider of Telecommunications Services, except that such term does not include aggregators of Telecommunications Services (as defined in Section 226 of the Act). A Telecommunications Carrier shall be treated as a Common Carrier under the Act only to the extent that it is engaged in providing Telecommunications Services, except that the Federal Communications Commission shall determine whether the provision of fixed and mobile satellite service shall be treated as common carriage.

  • Airport lounge means a business location:

  • airport operator A natural or legal person authorized to manage or operate an airport. “Airport Tax” It is the amount charged to a Passenger for the use of the airport facilities that can be collected by THE CARRIER with prior authorization, either on the ticket or at each airport, and must be paid by the Passenger. “Airway Ticket or Ticket” (GENERAL DEFINITION). It is the document issued by THE CARRIER or its Authorized Agent as written proof of the transportation agreement. The term that will be used in this Agreement is ticket.

  • commercial air transport means an aircraft operation involving the transport of passengers, cargo, or mail for remuneration or hire.

  • Business Centre means each of the places so specified in the relevant Pricing Supplement.

  • Passenger means any person, except members of the crew, carried or to be carried in an aircraft with the consent of the carrier pursuant to a valid contract of carriage.

  • Multimodal transport operator means the person on whose behalf the bill of lading/multimodal transport document, or any other document evidencing a contract of multimodal carriage of goods, is issued and who is responsible for the carriage of goods pursuant to the contract of carriage.

  • Passenger car means every motor vehicle other than a motorcycle designed and used primarily for

  • Heat input means the product (expressed in mmBtu/time) of the gross calorific value of the fuel (expressed in Btu/lb) and the fuel feed rate into the combustion device (expressed in mass of fuel/time) and does not include the heat derived from preheated combustion air, recirculated flue gases, or ex- haust from other sources.

  • Transportation network company rider or “rider” means an

  • Field station means a facility where radioactive sources may be stored or used and from which equipment is dispatched to temporary jobsites.

  • Transit Passenger means a passenger who arrives at the airport in an aircraft and departs from the airport in the same aircraft, where such an aircraft is operating a through flight transiting the airport, and includes a passenger in transit through the airport who has to depart in a substituted aircraft because the aircraft on which the passenger arrived has been declared unserviceable.

  • Commercial Mobile Radio Service or “CMRS” means Commercial Mobile Radio Service as defined in Part 20 of the FCC’s Rules.