Period of Notice Sample Clauses

Period of Notice. Subject to-
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Period of Notice. Less than 1 year 1 week 1 year and less than 3 years 2 weeks 3 years and less than 5 years 3 weeks 5 years and over 4 weeks
Period of Notice. No contract service will be finalized without the Association being given sixty (60) days notice of the Employer's intention to contract out the service.
Period of Notice. 38.1.1 In order to terminate the employment of a full-time or part-time Employee the Employer shall give to the Employee the period of notice specified in the table below, or payment in lieu thereof. Period of continuous service Notice Period 1 year or less 1 week Over 1 year and up to the completion of 3 years 2 weeks Over 3 years and up to the completion of 5 years 3 weeks Over 5 years of completed service 4 weeks
Period of Notice. Employees shall give the Employer fourteen (14) days' notice of intention to terminate their employment. The period of notice may be reduced or eliminated by mutual consent. Vacation leave shall not be used as any of the period of notice referred to in this Article.
Period of Notice. (1) If an employee agrees to be voluntarily retrenched under clause 5.04, the Secretary may retrench the employee by giving notice of termination of employment in accordance with section 29 of the PS Act.
Period of Notice. 7.01 a) A faculty member holding a term appointment with review for one year shall be notified by the Head of the Department by January 15 whether or not the appointment is likely to be renewed, and shall be notified of the final decision by March 15.
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Period of Notice. Years of Continuous Service Notice Period Up to 3 years of service 2 weeks minimum More than 3 years but not more than 5 years 3 weeks minimum More than 5 years 4 weeks minimum
Period of Notice. Subject to subclause 6.2, the employment of any Teacher (other than a Casual Teacher) will not be terminated by the Employer or the Teacher without at least four school term weeks’ notice, or the payment of four weekssalary in lieu of notice. Four school term weeks’ notice must expire in the term it is given either:
Period of Notice in the event of insufficient information If the obligation to inform under Chapters V and VI has not been complied with according to what is relevant to the dismissal, an employee dismissed shall be entitled to 2 months’ regular earnings as from the date on which the shop stewards were informed of the dismissal even if the employee resigns at an earlier date. If the employee dismissed has a period of notice longer than 1 month until the end of a calendar month, he shall be entitled to not less than 3 months’ wages (regular earnings).
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