BASIC PROVISIONS. 1.1 Under this Contract the Seller shall (for the whole duration of this Contract), on the basis of written requests, hand over to the Buyer devices, which shall meet requirements listed in Annex 1 (Technical Specification) to this Contract (“Objects of Purchase”) and shall transfer to the Buyer ownership right to the Objects of Purchase, and the Buyer shall take over the Objects of Purchase and shall pay the Seller the Purchase Price (as defined below), all under the terms and conditions stipulated in this Contract.
BASIC PROVISIONS. Except as specified in Sections 11.8, 13.15, and 15.16, all applicable steps of the grievance procedure set forth in this Agreement will be pursued to completion before any application for arbitration will be made, unless the AAUP-WSU and the University enter into a written agreement to proceed directly to arbitration.
BASIC PROVISIONS. A. Employer's Name: [. . . .] Address: [. . . .]
BASIC PROVISIONS. A. Employer's Name: [....] Address: [....]
BASIC PROVISIONS. The basic provisions for all steps of all grievances shall be as follows:
BASIC PROVISIONS. When reason arises to investigate a possible violation of Article 21, Professional Conduct, or other relevant articles in this Agreement, the procedures contained in this present article shall be followed. A summary of the formal review process follows: a) investigatory meeting that may progress to b) disciplinary hearing that may progress to c) disciplinary action that could include discipline by documentation, dismissal for cause, suspension, or financial penalty. In the case of dismissal, suspension, or financial penalty, the process includes the opportunity for the faculty member to call for a peer review. The process also allows for a grievance to be filed. The progressive review may conclude at any point in the process when the concerns raised have been satisfactorily addressed.
BASIC PROVISIONS. These Basic Provisions set forth certain information relevant and fundamental to the Standard Terms and Conditions upon which this Lease is made, and all information set forth in these Basic Provisions is subject to the provisions of the Standard Terms and Conditions of this Lease.
BASIC PROVISIONS. (“Basic Provisions”).