Elements Sample Clauses

Elements. The Engineer shall collect elemental data for all On-System structures, all Off-System structures located within Xxxxxx County, and all other Off-System bridges which are located on the National Highway System (NHS). The Engineer shall determine the elemental data, quantities in each condition state, and applicable defects for each structure in accordance with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)
Elements. 2.1 The elements of working capital shall comprise those items set out in the Exhibit to this Schedule, which items shall have the following meanings:
Elements. Chlorine unites directly with most elements to form chlorides. The reaction is rapid if the chlorine is hot and moist, thus to avoid corrosion, chlorine is handled in a cool and dry state. The corrosive attack is due to the action of hypochlorous and hydrochloric acids formed by hydrolysis.
Elements. Schedule 3.21(d) identifies all available Elements owned or controlled by the Entertainment Companies relating to the Films In Progress listed therein. The Entertainment Companies have laboratory access letters with respect to those Elements which the Companies do not own. With respect to each such Film In Progress identified, the Elements identified are sufficient to produce copies, prints, video products and other reproductions for exploitation in the theatrical, non-theatrical, television and video and audio markets that are of such quality as is consistent with past practice of the Entertainment Companies. Schedule 3.21(d) sets forth the correct identification and location of each laboratory and other place which holds any of the foregoing Elements relating to such Films In Progress.
Elements. The six elements for evaluation are as follows:
Elements. 6.1 Reflecting on teaching practice in support of student learning 6.2 Establishing professional goals and engaging in continuous and purposeful professional growth and development 6.3 Collaborating with colleagues and the broader professional community to support teacher and student learning 6.4 Working with families to support student learning 6.5 Engaging local communities in support of the instructional program 6.6 Managing professional responsibilities to maintain motivation and commitment to all students 6.7 Demonstrating professional responsibility, integrity, and ethical conduct Rating Additional Comments (This box expands to accommodate as much space as needed.) Overall Evaluation Rating Overall Evaluation Rating Temporary, Probationary I, Probationary II Permanent Satisfactory Satisfactory Needs Improvement Needs Improvement, with support/improvement plan (Form G) Unsatisfactory Needs Improvement, with support/improvement plan (Form G) and referral to the PAR program. Requires a “Needs Improvement” in a minimum of two (2) Standards or an “Unsatisfactory” in a minimum of one (1) Standard and a “Needs Improvement” in a minimum of one (1) Standard. Unsatisfactory, with support/improvement plan (Form C) and referral to the PAR program. Requires an “Unsatisfactory” in a minimum of two standards. Evaluator’s Signature Unit Member’s Signature Date Date Signature indicates knowledge of, not necessarily agreement with, the report. The unit member will have the right to respond in writing. The response will be attached to Form F and placed in the unit member’s personnel file. ACALANES UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT FORM G SUPPORT/IMPROVEMENT PLAN The evaluator will provide the unit member with a “Support/Improvement Plan” (Form G) by May 15. Unit Member Site Evaluator School Year Form G Conference: Date: Specific Areas for Improvement California Standards for the Teaching Profession Suggestions for Improvement (This box expands to accommodate as much space as needed.) Standard I: Engaging and supporting all students in learning Elements: 1.1 Using knowledge of students to engage them in learning 1.2 Connecting learning to studentsprior knowledge, backgrounds, life experiences, and interests 1.3 Connecting subject matter to meaningful, real-life contexts 1.4 Using a variety of instructional strategies, resources, and technologies to meet students’ diverse learning needs 1.5 Promoting critical thinking through inquiry, problem solving, and reflection 1.6 Monit...
Elements. DTI will have access to the following DCS elements: