Landscaping Sample Clauses

Landscaping. Maintaining, tending and cultivating and (as necessary) re-stocking any garden or grassed areas including replacing plants, shrubs and trees as necessary.
Landscaping. (8) Installation of fencing, signs, pavement markings, small passenger shelters, traffic signals, and railroad warning devices where no substantial land acquisition or traffic disruption will occur.
Landscaping. 3.6.1 All plant material shall conform to the Canadian Nursery Trades Association Metric Guide Specifications and Standards and sodded areas to the Canadian Nursery Sod Growers' Specifications.
Landscaping. The Owner will, before its plan of subdivision is released for registration, pay to the Town in lieu of planting any trees on the public streets within the plan, the amount shown for the purpose upon Schedule “J”.
Landscaping. Site landscaping (e.g. plant restoration or long term weed abatement) is not included. Irrigation repair and reconfiguration caused by foundation or underground construction is not included.
Landscaping. Landscaping is not considered personal property. To maintain the appearance of the campsites, plants, rocks, retaining walls, permanent fire rings, patios, etc., must remain with the site when you terminate your agreement or move to another site. They may not be sold or removed unless you have specific provisions written into your agreement agreement allowing you to remove such items.
Landscaping. Resident is not responsible for the upkeep of the yard and maintenance of the landscaping. Resident shall promptly advise Landlord of any problems with the landscaping, including, but not limited to, dead grass, plants or tree limbs, insect infestations, discolored or yellowing foliage and insufficient irrigation or leaks. Resident may not delegate the responsibilities of this paragraph to any person, including a contractor or other landscaping professional. Resident may not alter the landscaping, or engage in “personal agriculturewithout Landlord’s prior written permission.
Landscaping. 3.9.1 Prior to the issuance of a Development Permit for the mixed use building and the multiple unit residential building, the Developer shall provide a Landscape Plan which complies with the provisions of this section and conforms with the overall intentions of the Landscaping shown on Schedules B and C of this Agreement. The Landscape Plan shall be prepared by a Landscape Architect (a full member, in good standing with Canadian Society of Landscape Architects) and comply with all provisions of this section.
Landscaping. 26.1 The Developer shall grade and place a minimum of one hundred (100) millimetres of topsoil with No. 1 nursery sod/hydroseed on all portions of road allowances in the Plan of Subdivision not covered by asphalt or sidewalks and along all sides of the Plan of Subdivision abutting on adjacent existing streets. All streetscaping shall be in accordance with the approved Plans to the satisfaction of the Director of Public Works. All sodding/hydroseeding as herein described shall be considered as part of the cost of construction of Secondary Services for the Plan of Subdivision and shall be completed at the time of or within three (3) months after the final sodding/hydroseeding of any Lot in accordance with the approved final lot grading certificate and prior to the Director of Public Works approving the Completion Certificate for Secondary Services. The Developer shall maintain all sod/hydroseed until Council passes the Assumption By-law.
Landscaping. Landscaping shall be up to the related state standards. Plants shall be trimmed, fertilized and irrigated frequently and prevented from the attack by plant diseases and insect pests.