Components Sample Clauses

Components. Patheon will purchase and test all Components (with the exception of Client-Supplied Components) at Patheon’s expense and as required by the Specifications.
Components. The unit cost includes labor rates, overhead, and fee, Therefore, no additional payment will be made for labor rates, overhead, or fee.
Components. (a) If the Aircraft Lease Agreement specifies Minimum Component Flight Hours and/or Minimum Component Cycles, each Airframe Flight Hour and Cycle controlled Hard Time Component (other than the APU) shall have not less than the Minimum Component Flight Hours and the Minimum Component Cycles of life remaining to the next scheduled removal, in accordance with the Lessee's Maintenance Program and shall be supported by appropriate certification documentation indicating TSN, CSN, TSO and CSO such as FAA form 8130-1; for this purpose "Hard Time Component" means any component which has a limited on-wing life in accordance with the Manufacturer's Maintenance Planning Document and which can have life fully restored through appropriate maintenance;
Components a) FAA Form 8130-3 or EASA Form-1 and last repair/overhaul records for Hard Time Components;
Components. (i) Gas when delivered by SABINE to Customer shall contain not less than eighty-two molecular percentage (82 MOL%) of methane (C1) and, for the components and substances listed below, such Gas shall not contain more than the following:
Components. SANMINA-SCI shall use in its Production of Products such Components of a type, quality, and grade specified by CUSTOMER to the extent CUSTOMER chooses to so specify, and shall purchase Components only from Vendors appearing on CUSTOMER's approved vendor list ("AVL"); provided, however, that in the event SANMINA-SCI cannot purchase a Component from a Vendor on CUSTOMER'S AVL for any reason, SANMINA-SCI shall be able to purchase such Component from an alternate Vendor, subject to CUSTOMER's prior written approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. SANMINA-SCI shall use commercially reasonable efforts to manage all Vendors, but shall not be responsible for any Component (including the failure of any Component to comply with the Specifications).
Components. The purpose of the multiple components listed below is to get data from a variety of perspectives for diverse faculty assignments. Every effort should be made to integrate the data in its entirety in contrast to overemphasizing any individual component.
Components. Hospira shall be responsible for the procurement and qualification of the Components required for the manufacture of the Product. Hospira will source all of the Components from suppliers that have been approved and qualified by Hospira in accordance with Hospira’s internal vendor qualification and approval processes. The parties understand and agree that Theravance will have reviewed and approved the Components and Component suppliers listed in the Product Specifications. Under no circumstances shall Hospira have any liability to Theravance, nor shall Hospira be deemed to be in breach of this Agreement, if Hospira is unable to supply the Product to Theravance due to a failure of such suppliers to provide such Components to Hospira.