Problem Solving Sample Clauses

Problem Solving. Employees and supervisors are encouraged to attempt to resolve on an informal basis, at the earliest opportunity, a problem that could lead to a grievance. If the matter is not resolved by informal discussion, or a problem-solving meeting does not occur, it may be settled in accordance with the grievance procedure. Unless mutually agreed between the Employer and the Union problem-solving discussions shall not extend the deadlines for filing a grievance. The Union Xxxxxxx or in their absence, the Local Union President, or Area Xxxxxxx, or Chief Xxxxxxx, either with the employee or alone, shall present to the appropriate supervisor a written request for a meeting. If the supervisor agrees to a problem- solving meeting, this meeting shall be held within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of the request. The supervisor, employee, Union Xxxxxxx, and up to one (1) other management person shall attempt to resolve the problem through direct and forthright communication. If another member of management is present that person will not be hearing the grievance at Step Two, should it progress to that Step. The employee, the Union Xxxxxxx or in their absence, the Local Union President, or Area Xxxxxxx, or Chief Xxxxxxx, may participate in problem-solving activities on paid time, in accordance with Article 31, Union Rights, Section 1H.
Problem Solving. A Joint Committee for the purpose of providing a forum for the submission, exchange and consideration of various matters of interest affecting the ongoing relationship between the Board and the Association. Each party shall appoint three (3) representatives.
Problem Solving. The parties to this agreement strongly support an informal problem solving process between the individuals closest to the problem. To this end, an employee who has a problem with any employment issue or a potential grievance may meet with the person directly in charge of the employee's execution of her/his duties, or the Chair, in an attempt to resolve it. However, before a potential grievance may be pursued to Step I of the Grievance process, the chair must be informed of the issues by the employee or by the Union and given a reasonable opportunity to resolve the matter. In meetings with the Chair, the employee may be accompanied by a Shop Xxxxxxx or any TSSU representative if she/he so desires. At any stage of Problem Solving, either party may request that a mediator/facilitator assist the parties in seeking a resolution (see below). Mediators: The parties will maintain a list of informal mediators / facilitators agreed to by both parties, who if requested will assist the individuals involved in the informal problem solving exercise. The role of the mediator / facilitator will be to draw out the facts, ensure that both parties have an opportunity to explain the issues and to assist the parties to reach a mutual agreement. Where agreement cannot be reached, the mediator / facilitator may recommend a non-binding solution.
Problem Solving. Party A shall have the right to supervise and inspect investment decision regarding the Entrusted Assets, and may send supervising personnel to station at Party B’s workplace. Party A shall have the right to request Party B to correct the investment decision in violation of this Agreement or Investment Guidelines within specified time period, and to report promptly the results of such correction. Within the specified time period, Party A shall have the right to re-examine the matter at hand and urge Party B to correct them.
Problem Solving. A joint Problem Solving Committee will be composed of eight (8) members – four (4) administrators chosen by the Superintendent and four (4) teachers chosen by the President of the EGREA. This group will meet as needed during the school year and be jointly chaired by the Superintendent and the EGREA President. The agenda will be agreed upon by the Superintendent and the President of EGREA, and distributed by the Superintendent prior to the meeting when possible.
Problem Solving. Section 1. The Parties recognize that the traditional methods of dispute resolution (e.g., grievance/arbitration and unfair labor practice charges) are reactive and not always the most efficient means of problem resolution. The Parties also understand that an early and open exchange of information is essential to clearly address the concerns or reservations of each Party. Therefore, the Parties agree to use the provisions of this Article to the fullest extent possible before resorting to other avenues of dispute resolution.
Problem Solving. 4.2.1 The primary focus is on site certificated staff and site administrators solving site related problems at the lowest possible level and in a timely manner. Schools will hold a minimum of two (2) regular meetings between the building reps and site administrators each month or on an as needed basis. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. Schools will credit building reps with two (2) adjunctive duty assignments as part of this program.
Problem Solving. STAGE (STEP TWO) Upon receipt of a concern sheet from a team member, the Group Leader shall contact the Zone Committeeperson and arrange a Problem Solving meeting between the team member, Zone Committeeperson, Group Leader and Shift Leader. The meeting and written response to such meeting shall occur within five (5) working days of receipt of the concern sheet. No individual shall be requested or required to respond to a concern if any of the previous steps of the process, as detailed above, has not occurred.Unsatisfactory resolution of a problem in the Problem Solving Stage may result in the submission of a grievance by the Union within ten (10) working days from the receipt of the Shift Leader’s decision. The concern sheet shall be attached to the grievance form. The time limits for the presenting of a concern, timing of Problem Solving Meetings or responding to a concern, as required in this paragraph, may be extended by mutual consent between CAMI and the Union in writing on the concern sheet.
Problem Solving. Approaches problems in a safe, logical and well thought out manner Seeks pro-active solutions to problems INITIATIVE/MOTIVATION/WORK ETHIC: Accomplishes tasks or goals without being ordered, coerced or motivated by others Demonstrates desire for personal and professional development Accomplishes tasks or goals with a “safety first” attitude Takes on additional tasks or duties Actively seeks academic and technical knowledge for self improvement Is reliable in following safety practices in all situations ADAPTABILITY/STRESS MANAGEMENT: Remains calm in stressful situations Adapts behavior in order to deal with changing situations in a safe manner Adapts behavior in order to accomplish individual and/or organizational goals Recognizes symptoms of stress in self and seeks to deal with stress appropriately Recognizes constructive criticism and adapts it to improve goals/expectations INTEGRITY: Is sincere and honest when dealing with others Keeps commitments Respects personal property of others and training center Portrays professional image in speech, action and appearance Obeys all policies of the Office of Fire Prevention & Control, Regional Training Center and the Cortlandville Fire District CANDIDATE NAME: CANDIDATE SIGNATURE: DATE: PARENT/ GUARDIAN NAME: (For 16 &1 7 year old candidates) PARENT/ GUARDIAN SIGNATURE : DATE: DEPARTMENT CHIEF NAME: CHIEF ’S SIGNATURE: DATE: INSTRUCTORS SFI#: SFI SIGNATURE: DATE: Cortland County NYS IFO (FIREFIGHTER I) and BEFO Summer 2019 COURSE SCHEDULE REGISTRATION 5/ 18/ 19 0800 hr. May 18, 2019 Saturday 0800 hr Unit 1 3 hours BEFO Orientation - Registration, Attendance, Testing, and Course Overview; Issue take home skills; Intro to Fire Service/ FD Organization IFSTA Ch 1 Pen, notebook, SCBA, PPE, Lunch, Snack 2 Instructors May 18, 2019 Saturday 1100 hr Unit 2 3 hours BEFO FF Safety/ PPE Presentation IFSTA Ch 2&6 1 Instructor 1 Instructor May 18, 2019 Saturday 1400 Unit 3 3 hours BEFO PPE, SCBA support presentations Skills: 6-1-1, 6-1-10, 6-1-11, 6-1-6, 7 IFSTA Ch 6 3 SFI 2 CFI 3 Instructors May 19, 2019 Sunday 0800 IFO Unit 6 3 hours IFO Survival Skills 9-1-8, 11, 11A, 12, 12A, 14, 15, 16 3 SFI 2 CFI 3 Instructors May 19, 2019 Sunday 1100 IFO Unit 7 3 hours IFO PPE/ SCBA skills; SCBA Emergencies; TOAC; Maze, homework issued 4 SFI 2 CFI 4 Instructors May 19, 2019 Sunday 1400 IFO Unit 10 3 hours IFO SCBA skills, maze TOAC make up 4 SFI 2 CFI 4 Instructors June 27, 2019 Thursday 0800 hr Unit 4 3 hours BEFO Fire department com...
Problem Solving. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to prevent any 12 employee from discussing a problem with the administration or having it adjusted 13 without representation of the AR, provided that the Association shall be notified in 14 writing of the filing and disposition of any grievance. 15