Form C definition

Form C means the Offering document required for the purchase of securities in a Regulation Crowdfunding Offering via Section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act of 1933 as amended and the relevant regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on its Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (XXXXX) database.
Form C means the Instructor Reference Form attached to this policy
Form C means the form as set forth in Appendix C of this rule.

Examples of Form C in a sentence

  • Capitalized terms that are not otherwise defined in this Investment Agreement have the meanings given to them in the Company’s Form C and its attachments, all available at the Site.

  • Any notice or document required or permitted to be given under this Revenue Sharing Agreement may be given by a party or by its legal counsel and shall be deemed to be given on the date transmitted by overnight delivery service or by email with written confirmation of receipt, to the address of the Company set forth in the Company’s Form C, to the address of a Holder provided by the Holder at the Site, or such other address as a party may designated by notice complying with this section.

  • A type of extra work for which the Contractor is compensated as specified in Sec- tion 109.05 (b) Payment by Force Account pursuant to an executed Force Account authorization (Form C- 115), for use when the scope or quantity of the extra work is undefined.

More Definitions of Form C

Form C means a movement document for molluscs from an approved coastal zone in the form set out in Directive 91/67/EEC;
Form C means a movement document for molluscs from an approved coastal zone in the form set out in Directive91/67/EEC;
Form C means the application to withdraw an individual from a senior management function;
Form C must provide a high level summary by category, including total claims, total claim lines and total paid amounts for each service category, for all encounters included within a certified submission. Each program (AHAC, SCHIP, HOBD, etc.) the Contractor provides should be listed on a separate “Form C”.
Form C means the Company’s Form C, initially dated as of September 3, 2021, and any amendments thereto, as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Form C means Part 1 of a General Instrument that incorporates these charge terms as Part 2 and all schedules and addenda to it;
Form C means the form prescribed by OAR 410-141-5300.