Terms and Definitions Sample Clauses

Terms and Definitions. The terms listed below shall have the respective meaning given them as set forth adjacent to each term.
Terms and Definitions. 1.1 Unless otherwise specified or in cases where the context demands a different interpretation, the terms used in this Agreement shall have the following meanings:
Terms and Definitions. In this Agreement the following terms and definitions have the following meanings if not otherwise indicated by this Agreement:
Terms and Definitions. For the purposes of this Lease, the following terms shall have the following definitions and meanings:
Terms and Definitions. 1. Company – Group of Companies InstaForex, providing the trading platform Instatrader and settlement system between investor and trader, hereinafter PAMM-system.
Terms and Definitions. The terms below, as used throughout this Trust Agreement, shall have the following meaning
Terms and Definitions. The following terms as used herein shall have the meanings as set forth below:
Terms and Definitions. The following definitions and terms apply to this Lease (other words are defined elsewhere in the text of this Lease):
Terms and Definitions. Terms used to denote the site functions, its functional elements, sections and individual services are as used in the site interface. Unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms have the below meanings in the present Agreement: Author – (owner of photos) an individual or legal entity, using the PHOTOGRAM website xxx.xxxxxxxxx0000.xxx to sell own photos. Authorization – login to the User profile, which is specifying the username and password registered by the user in the corresponding fields of the web page and clicking the "Log in" button. Authorization on the PHOTOGRAM website xxx.xxxxxxxxx0000.xxx confirms that the User accepts the terms of the present Agreement. User Agreement - an Agreement, governing the relationship between the site xxx.xxxxxxxxx0000.xxx and its Users. Participant, intending to use services of the PHOTOGRAM website located at xxx.xxxxxxxxx0000.xxx , shall accept the terms of the present Agreement. Dialog box - a system function, designed for quick exchange of messages between Users or the PHOTOGRAM website xxx.xxxxxxxxx0000.xxx administration. User profile deactivation– actions of technical and administrative nature carried out by the Company or the Security service, targeted at restriction or suspending the User ability to access the PHOTOGRAM services from his profile. The profile is blocked in order to prevent offenses on the site xxx.xxxxxxxxx0000.xxx or in case of violations of the Agreement in accordance with the procedure established in it. User profile – a system built into the software part of the PHOTOGRAM site xxx.xxxxxxxxx0000.xxx allowing recording and presenting the User and the Company with the data on the number of available photos, the history of buying and selling photos, and information about individual messages. Content-any photo and video materials, texts, sounds, and other intellectual property the User created and posted on the site xxx.xxxxxxxxx0000.xxx . Purchase - a button, indicating that the Buyer can purchase photos at a fixed price, set under the agreement on the PHOTOGRAM website xxx.xxxxxxxxx0000.xxx . Counterparty – one of the parties to the deal, done between the Author of the photo and the Buyer on the PHOTOGRAM site xxx.xxxxxxxxx0000.xxx . Crypto currency- an electronic currency, having no single centralized emitent and distributed directly between the holders of such currency. User login (nickname/username) – User site identifier, utilized to identify the User in the system and to a...