consecutive months Sample Clauses

consecutive months. If the Employer extends an individual employee’s trial service period, the Employer will provide the employee with written reasons for the extension. Employees in an in-training appointment will follow the provisions outlined in Subsection 4.3 E.
consecutive months. An Employee will receive a year of Service for vesting purposes for each twelve (12)
consecutive months. Employees who benefit from a deferred salary leave must return to work for a period equal to that of the leave.
consecutive months. The determination that the Executive is disabled shall be made by the Executive Committee or, if there is no Executive Committee, by the Board of Directors of the Company (with the Executive abstaining from the decision if he is then a member of such Committee or the Board), based upon an examination and certification by a physician selected by the Company subject to the Executive's approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. The Executive agrees to submit timely to any required medical or other examination, provided that such examination shall be conducted at a location convenient to the Executive and that if the examining physician is other than the Executive's personal physician, the Executive shall have the right to have such personal physician present at such examination.
consecutive months. The Union shall be notified in writing of all term appointments expected to be twelve (12) months or longer. Upon the written consent of the Union, the period of term employment specified in (i) or (ii), above, may be extended for an additional period. In the event that the Hospital extends a term appointment, as provided above, the Union shall be notified in writing at the time the Hospital decides that such an extension will be necessary. A full-time term Employee who has been appointed for a period of twelve (12) months or longer, shall be entitled to participate in the Hospital’s benefit plans, as provided under Article 20. It is understood and agreed that such Employees shall not be entitled to receive percentage-in-lieu-of-benefits payments. It is understood that a term Employee may be terminated for any reason during the period of her employment at the sole discretion of the Hospital without recourse to the grievance or arbitration procedure. In the event that a term Employee is appointed to a permanent position, she shall be considered as a probationary Employee as provided under Article 11.01 (b). Upon the successful completion of the probationary period in a permanent position to which a temporary employee has been the successful applicant, she shall then be credited with the appropriate seniority and service inclusive of the period of her prior temporary employment since their most recent date of hire.
consecutive months. The determination of a Disability will be made by the Company; provided that if the Executive disputes the determination, the matter shall be submitted to a qualified doctor mutually acceptable to the Company and the Executive for final determination, and the Executive shall submit to such examinations as the doctor shall reasonably request in order to enable the doctor to make the determination. If requested by the Company, Executive shall submit to a mental or physical examination to be performed by an independent physician selected by the Company to assist the Company in making such determination.
consecutive months. In such a case, the Executive may continue to benefit under shortterm and longterm disability insurance plans, subject to the terms of such plans, if any. The Corporation's ability to terminate the Executive as a result of any disability shall be to the extent permitted by applicable state or federal law.
consecutive months. The College may terminate this agreement with four (4) weeks’ notice. The employee will retain accrued sick leave, accrued vacation, and seniority rights while on leave of absence. However, vacation leave credits, sick leave, and seniority shall not accrue while the employee is on leave of absence.
consecutive months. The employee and the Employer may arrange for a payment plan for the second twelve (12) month period. The Employer has the right to recover such payments if the Worker’s Compensation claim is determined to be non-compensable. Employees receiving Occupational Injury Leave (OIL), Salary Continuation, or Hostage Leave benefits shall continue to be responsible for the employee’s regular share of the health insurance premium while receiving said benefits. In the event OIL, Hostage Leave, or Salary Continuation terminates within a pay period and the employee is eligible for temporary total benefits for the remaining period, the employee’s share of the health insurance premium shall be borne by the Employer.
consecutive months. 8. If a unit member has drawn thirty (30) Catastrophic Leave Bank days and requests an extension, the Committee may require a medical review by a physician of the Committee’s choice at the unit member’s expense. The Committee shall choose only a physician who qualifies under the District offered insurance policy. Refusal to submit to the medical review will terminate the member’s continued withdrawal from the Bank. The committee may deny an extension of withdrawal from the Catastrophic Leave Bank based upon the medical report. The participant may appeal any termination under the procedures outline in section 12 below.