Days Sample Clauses

Days. Unless specified otherwise, any period of days mandated under a Note or this Revenue Sharing Agreement shall be determined by reference to calendar days, not business days, except that any payments, notices, or other performance falling due on a Saturday, Sunday, or federal government holiday shall be considered timely if paid, given, or performed on the next succeeding business day.
Days. Unless otherwise specifically indicated to the contrary, the word "days" as used in this Lease shall mean and refer to calendar days.
Days. If any action is required to be performed, or if any notice, consent or other communication is given, on a day that is a Saturday or Sunday or a legal holiday in the jurisdiction in which the action is required to be performed or in which is located the intended recipient of such notice, consent or other communication, such performance shall be deemed to be required, and such notice, consent or other communication shall be deemed to be given, on the first business day following such Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday. Unless otherwise specified herein, all references herein to a "day" or "days" shall refer to calendar days and not business days.
Days. Unless otherwise stated, as reference herein, and in the Loan Agreement, "day" shall mean a calendar day. Where used herein, and in the Loan Agreement, "Business Day" means any day that is not a Saturday, a Sunday or a day on which banks under the laws of the State of New York are authorized or required to be closed.
Days. If the day for any performance or event provided for herein is a Saturday, a Sunday, a day on which national banks are not open for the regular transactions of business, or a legal holiday pursuant to C.R.S. § 24-11-101(1), such day shall be extended until the next day on which such banks and state offices are open for the transaction of business.