Teaching Position definition

Teaching Position is at a school or schools or circuit or at the regional support level on yearly or semester basis.
Teaching Position means a certificated position designated
Teaching Position. , in relation to a school, means a position in the employment of the board, a body established under the Education Act 1964, or the

Examples of Teaching Position in a sentence

  • Finding a Teaching Position The ARC program does not find or guarantee teaching positions for its graduates.

  • The higher education institution where candidates for Student Teaching Positions are enrolled shall require all candidates to complete a Release for Criminal Background Check Information form approved by the Department of Education as a part of the assignment process for a Student Teaching Position in a Delaware public school district or charter school.

  • Each school district and charter school shall make the final determination of suitability for placement of a candidate in a Student Teaching Position in its school.

  • Subsequent criminal history on a person in a Student Teaching Position may be sent by the State Bureau of Identification to the higher education institution.

  • After notification by the higher education institution that he/she is a candidate for a Student Teaching Position, the candidate shall present him/herself to State Bureau of Identification personnel at one of the Delaware State Police Troops that processes such criminal background checks or at an on site appointment arranged by the higher education institution.

  • Teaching Position While On Leave: An employee may be employed in a teaching position outside of the district while on leave.

  • Students are assessed based on the four CLOs and 12 competencies.

  • Application for Shared Teaching Position Participating Teachers: Name: Name: Address: Address: Phone: Phone: Professional #: Professional #: Present Teaching Assignment School: School: Grade: Grade: Subjects: Subjects: We the above named teachers hereby apply for a Shared Teaching position for the school year.

  • The school district or charter school shall provide the candidate’s higher education institution the decision to place or deny a candidate in a Student Teaching Position placement in writing.

  • The district or charter school where the person is in a Student Teaching Position may consider any subsequent criminal history received for the person's continued suitability for the Student Teaching Position.

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Teaching Position means any job within the bargaining unit. A teaching position shall be described by a level, (K-5, 6-8, or 9-12), a building and a department, (secondary; social studies, science, etc. or elementary; classroom, art, music, etc.)
Teaching Position means those duties and responsibilities which-

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  • Teaching staff member means an employee who holds a position for which a certificate issued by the New Jersey State Board of Examiners is required.

  • Teaching Staff means teachers and the principal or head teacher employed at the Academy.

  • Regular Position means an individual Nurse’s job defined as a percentage of full-time hours as set out in the appointment letter referred to in Article 15.

  • Teaching Hospital means a hospital that trains students to become physicians, nurses, or other health or laboratory personnel.

  • inherited metabolic disease means a disease caused by an inherited abnormality of body chemistry for which testing is mandated by law;

  • Barrier Level means the Barrier Level as specified in § 1 of the Product and Underlying Data.

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