Data Sample Clauses

Data. The information set forth in the related Mortgage Loan Schedule, including any diskette or other related data tapes sent to the Purchaser, is complete, true and correct in all material respects. The information on the Mortgage Loan Schedule and the information provided are consistent with the contents of the originator's records and the Mortgage File. The Mortgage Loan Schedule contains all of the required fields. Any seller or builder concession has been subtracted from the Appraised Value of the Mortgaged Property for purposes of determining the LTV and CLTV. Except for information specified to be as of the origination date of the Mortgage Loan, the Mortgage Loan Schedule contains the most current information possessed by the originator. No appraisal or other property valuation referred to or used to determine any data listed on the Mortgage Loan Schedule was more than 3 months old at the time of the Mortgage Loan closing.
Data. The statistical, industry-related and market-related data included in the Registration Statement, the Sale Preliminary Prospectus and the Prospectus are based on or derived from sources which the Company reasonably and in good faith believes are reliable and accurate, and such data agree with the sources from which they are derived.
Data. Each sales report must identify every authorized Purchasing Entity by name as it is known to Enterprise Services and its total combined sales amount invoiced during the reporting period (i.e., sales of an entire agency or political subdivision, not its individual subsections). The “Miscellaneousoption may be used only with prior approval by Enterprise Services. Upon request, Contractor shall provide contact information for all authorized Purchasing Entities specified herein during the term of this Participating Addendum. Refer sales reporting questions to the Primary Contact set forth below. If there are no contract sales during the reporting period, Contractor must report zero sales.
Data. Upon expiration or termination of the Term of Employment or termination pursuant to Section 1, 6, 11 or 12 hereof, the Employee or his personal representative shall promptly deliver to the Company all books, memoranda plans, records and written data of every kind relating to the business and affairs of the Company which are then in his possession or control.
Data. Each of the Parties shall maintain records in sufficient detail and in good scientific manner appropriate for patent purposes and as will properly reflect all work done and results achieved in the performance of the Research Program (including all data in the form required to be maintained under any applicable governmental regulations). Such records shall include books, records, reports, research notes, charts, graphs, comments, computations, analyses, recordings, photographs, computer programs and documentation thereof, computer information storage means, samples of materials and other graphic or written data generated in connection with the Research Program. Each Party shall provide the other Party the right to inspect such records, and shall provide copies of all requested records, to the extent reasonably required for the performance of the other Party's obligations under this Agreement; provided, however, that each Party shall maintain such records and the information of the other Party contained therein in confidence in accordance with Article 10 below and shall not use such records or information except to the extent otherwise permitted by this Agreement.
Data. The RMV may, at its sole discretion and based on the Permitted Use(s) defined in Paragraph 1 above, make its records and data available to Requestor solely to perform the business functions as defined in the Permitted Use in paragraph 1.
Data. To permit evaluation of requests under paragraph (b) of this section based on unreasonable cost, the applicant shall include the following information and any applicable supporting data based on the survey of suppliers: Foreign and Domestic Items Cost Comparison Description Unit of measure Quantity Cost (dollars)* Item 1: Foreign steel, iron, or manufactured good Domestic steel, iron, or manufactured good Item 2: Foreign steel, iron, or manufactured good Domestic steel, iron, or manufactured good List name, address, telephone number, email address, and contact for suppliers surveyed. Attach copy of response; if oral, attach summary. Include other applicable supporting information. *Include all delivery costs to the construction site.