User Information Sample Clauses

User Information. Any user or usage data or information collected via Station’s digital properties or related to Station’s digital properties, or any information collected from websites operated by Station’s affiliates under this Agreement, shall be the property of Station and/or such affiliates. Advertiser shall have no rights in such information by virtue of this Agreement.
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User Information. Upon Stripe’s request, you must provide User Information to Stripe in a form satisfactory to Stripe. You must keep the User Information in your Stripe Account current. You must promptly update your Stripe Account with any changes affecting you, the nature of your business activities, your Representative, beneficial owners, principals, or any other pertinent information. You must immediately notify Stripe, and provide to Stripe updated User Information, if (a) you experience or anticipate experiencing a Change of Control; (b) you experience or anticipate experiencing a material change in your business or financial condition, including if you experience or are likely to experience an Insolvency Proceeding; (c) the regulatory status of the business for which you are using the Services changes, including if it becomes subject, or no longer subject, to regulatory oversight; or (d) a Governmental Authority has notified you that you or your business is the subject of investigative action.
User Information. User information you disclose in connection with downloading, using and/or uploading information into the Stat Crew Application and/or use the Web Services is subject to the CBSI Privacy Policy available at xxxx://, integrated herein by reference.
User Information. (a) User:
User Information. Licensee acknowledges that if it creates any settings, surveys, fields or functions in the Licensed Product or inputs, adds or exports any data into or from the Licensed Product (collectively, the “User Data”), none of the CoStar Parties shall have any liability or responsibility for any of such User Data, including the loss, destruction or use by third parties of such User Data. Licensee acknowledges that it is Licensee’s responsibility to make back-up copies of such User Data. For each licensed site, Licensee is allotted an aggregate amount of 100 megabytes of storage space in any CoStar Property Professional Licensed Product per Authorized User located at that site.
User Information. User represents and warrants that all information provided to Autobooks on the User Application or otherwise in connection with this Exhibit E is complete, accurate, and not misleading. User further represents and warrants that it is not engaged in any illicit or illegal activity. User will promptly update Autobooks as to any changes or planned changes to its business, or any information that would cause any information previously provided to Autobooks to be incomplete, in accurate, or misleading. User will also promptly provide additional information if requested by Autobooks.
User Information. Customer grants to Skyline all necessary intellectual and proprietary rights and licenses in and to any User Information necessary for Skyline to provide the Services. Customer will not, and will not permit any Users to, provide User Information that, and Customer represents and warrants that no User Information: (i) infringes, misappropriates or violates any Intellectual Property Rights, publicity/privacy rights, law or regulation; (ii) contains any viruses or programming routines intended to damage, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information; or (iii) is false, misleading or inaccurate. Skyline will not be responsible or liable for any deletion, correction, destruction, damage, loss or failure to store any User Information. Customer will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Skyline from any and all losses, costs, damages, liabilities or expenses (including without limitation reasonable attorneys’ fees) incurred or arising from any claim by a third party arising out of User Information.
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User Information. 2.1 In accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998), has final interpretation of this information.
User Information. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Exhibit E or any other agreement between Autobooks and User, Autobooks may use, disclose, share, and retain any information provided by User or relevant to the Card Processing Services, during the term and thereafter: (i) with or to Bank, TPSPs, and the Card Brands; (ii) in response to subpoenas, warrants, court orders, or other legal processes; (iii) in response to requests from law enforcement agencies or government entities; (iv) to comply with applicable laws or regulations; (v) with Autobooks’s affiliates, partners, and agents, (vi) to perform analytic services for User, Autobooks, or others, including but not limited to analyzing, tracking, and comparing Card Transaction and other data to develop and provide insights for such parties as well as for developing, marketing, maintaining, or improving Autobooks’s products and services; or (vii) in the performance or provision of the Card Processing Services or otherwise to perform Autobooks’s obligations under this Exhibit E.
User Information. User Type: 🞐 Participant/Broker 🞐 Subscriber/Agent 🞐 Licensed Staff 🞐 Appraiser 🞐 Licensed Assistant for User Name: Nickname, if any: User Mobile Number: Business E-mail: Firm/Branch Name: Address: Real Estate or Appraiser License Number: Exp. Date: Are you a member of a team? 🞐 Yes 🞐 No If “Yes” Name of Team registered with DPOR: Name of Team Leader: Are you a member of a REALTOR® Association? 🞐 Yes 🞐 No If yes, a letter of good standing from your Association (if other than WAAR) MUST accompany this registration form. Are you a member of another Multiple Listing Service? 🞐 Yes 🞐 No
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