Personnel Information Sample Clauses

Personnel Information. Employee shall not divulge or discuss personnel information such as salaries, bonuses, commissions and benefits relating to Employee or other employees of Employer or any of its subsidiaries with any other person except the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of Employer.
Personnel Information. (a) Section 5.14 of the Disclosure Schedule contains a true and complete list of all persons employed exclusively by the Station in connection with the operation of the Station, including a description of material compensation arrangements (other than employee benefit plans set forth in Section 5.14 of the Disclosure Schedule) and a list of other terms of any and all agreements affecting such persons. SFX has not received notification that any of the current key employees listed in Section 5.14 of the Disclosure Schedule presently plan to terminate their employment, whether by reason of the transactions contemplated hereby or otherwise and SFX shall immediately notify the Company upon receipt of any such notice.
Personnel Information. (i) Exhibit 20(ii) contains a true and complete list of all persons employed at the Stations, including date of hire, a description of material compensation arrangements (other than employee benefit plans set forth in Exhibit 20(q)) and a list of other material terms of any and all agreements affecting such persons and their employment by Alta. Alta has received no notice that, and Alta is not aware of, any individual employee who shall or is likely to terminate his or her employment relationship with the Stations upon the execution of this Agreement.
Personnel Information. Except as otherwise restricted by law, deliver to Franklin, if not done so heretofore, schedule(s) of all employees including pertinent information concerning each such employee as reasonably requested by Franklin and sorted as reasonably requested by Franklin; such schedule(s) shall be updated as necessary to reflect in a timely manner any deletions or additions; and make available for inspection and copying by Franklin all personnel records;
Personnel Information. By agreeing to this Agreement, you also agree that we may collect and use your personnel's personally identifying information in accordance with the Trend Micro Privacy Policy (available at our website). You also agree to make commercially reasonable efforts to avoid accessing or revealing private or personally identifying information using the Services, and to comply with any provisions of the Trend Micro Privacy Policy that may affect use of the Services. The Trend Micro Privacy Policy is incorporated here by reference, and is subject to change from time to time at our sole discretion.
Personnel Information. Any teacher against whom a serious complaint has been filed will have the opportunity to meet with the complainant(s). At the teacher’s request, the supervisor shall be present at such a meeting. The supervisor shall call the complainant(s) for a meeting at a mutually acceptable time by the teacher, the complainant(s) and the supervisor.
Personnel Information. Each teacher must submit a Social Security number, an official transcript of all college credits and other information required by state and federal statutes. This material will be kept on file in the Human Resources Office during the entire time that the teacher is employed in the school system.
Personnel Information. ‌ It shall be the responsibility of each employee to notify the Employer, in writing, of any change of address or telephone number, as well as changes in other information related to insurance eligibility and beneficiaries, work status, etc. The employee's address and telephone number as they appear on the Employer's record shall be conclusive.
Personnel Information. Personnel records will be maintained for each nurse. Information contained in the personnel record will include among other information relevant to the nurse’s employment: employment application and supporting materials, performance appraisals, records of payroll activity, licensure and training records, letters of commendation and recognition, and records of disciplinary action. By appointment, nurses may inspect their personnel records. A Human Resources representative will be in attendance. Nurses will be given the opportunity to provide a written response to any written evaluations, disciplinary actions, or any other material to be included in the personnel file. Documentation regarding rate of pay, unit, shift, hours of work, reason for termination (whether quit, discharge, or retirement), change in employment status, and leaves of absence, shall be in writing with a copy given to the nurse. The nurse will be given a copy of any material placed into the nurse’s file after the effective date of this Agreement at the time the material is placed in the file. Upon request, a nurse will be given a copy of any material in the employee’s personnel file that is relevant to the nurse’s concerns without charge. Additional copies will be at the nurse’s expense. Scheduled hours for the Human Resources representative will be posted on the human resource office door.
Personnel Information. Information in the nurse's electronic and paper personnel file, including the manager's desk file, will be made available, with reasonable notice, to the nurse. The nurse may review his or her file in the presence of the Department Manager or Human Resources staff and may take notes or have single copies of each page. No employee is allowed to remove anything from any file. An employee has the right to request a correction or deletion of inaccurate information. In case of disagreement, the employee may add a statement of disagreement to the file.