Possession or control definition

Possession or control means in pos- session or control of the submitter, or of any subsidiary, partnership in which the submitter is a general partner, par- ent company, or any company or part- nership which the parent company owns or controls, if the subsidiary, par- ent company, or other company or partnership is associated with the sub- mitter in the research, development, test marketing, or commercial mar- keting of the chemical substance in question. (A parent company owns or controls another company if the parent owns or controls 50 percent or more of the other company’s voting stock. A parent company owns or controls any partnership in which it is a general partner). Information is included with- in this definition if it is:
Possession or control means in possession or control of the submitter, or of any subsidiary, parent company, or any company which the par- ent company owns or controls if the subsidiary,
Possession or control the ownership or control, directly or indirectly, including ownership or control exercised through subsidiaries, affiliates or wherever situated;

Examples of Possession or control in a sentence

  • Possession or control of an explo- sive or a poison gas in places described in sub.

  • Possession or control of any weapon or other dangerous instrument on or about school/church premises.

  • Where the user of a service can be identified, for example with City Design and Works Operations, the cost recovery is made by way of direct charge.Where this has not been possible, the costs are allocated by way of corporate overhead.The basis of the corporate overhead allocation is reviewed each year and every attempt is made to relate the allocation with the service utilised.Internal service costs which are allocated out as corporate overhead include Corporate Services and Financial Services.

  • It is still lying in the context of the mining of environmental data.

  • Possession or control over, distribution, or viewing of obscene, vulgar, lewd, or profane materials, including electronic possession, distribution, or viewing (e.g. “sexting”).

  • Possession or control by any person, supervised entity, Bank member, government agency, or other entity of unpublished information does not constitute a waiver by the Finance Board of any privilege or its right to control, supervise, or impose limita- tions on, the subsequent use and disclo- sure of the information.

  • Possession or control of illegal drugs, weapons, explosives, or other dangerous or unauthorized materials.

  • Possession or control of the ball includes when the goalkeeper has the ball trapped by either or both hands, has trapped the ball between her hand and the ground or when bouncing it to the ground or when releasing the ball into play.

  • Possession or control of any substance, device, instrument or article commonly used for criminal purposes, under circumstances indicating the item is intended for criminal use.

  • Possession or control of a real weapon, explosive or noxious/flammable material.2. The actual or threatened use of a look-alike or pretend weapon.3. Possession, control, sale or use of alcohol, drugs or controlled substances.

More Definitions of Possession or control

Possession or control means in the possession or control of Defendant and/or its agents, attorneys, or from any other person from whom they might obtain the requested information and documents.
Possession or control means such possession or control as is customary in the construction industry for items of construction equipment that are on long or short term lease to Persons conducting construction operations.
Possession or control means actual possession or constructive possession based on facts, which permit the inference of intent to possess or control alcoholic beverages.
Possession or control means such possession or control as is customary in the oilfield services industry for items of drilling equipment that are on long or short term lease to Persons conducting oilfield drilling and servicing operations.

Related to Possession or control

  • Designated country construction material means a construction material that is a WTO GPA country construction material, an FTA country construction material, a least developed country construction material, or a Caribbean Basin country construction material.

  • Indirect instruction means any general or specific instruction given in any form by the person required to provide the notification or any person controlled by that person within the meaning of Article L. 233-3 of the Commercial Code that limits the discretion of the management company or the investment service provider in the exercise of the voting rights in order to serve the commercial interests of the person required to provide the notification or the controlled person.

  • Processes with Significant Environmental Aspects means the Equipment which, during regular operation or if not properly operated or maintained, may cause or are likely to cause an adverse effect.

  • Environmentally constrained area means the following areas where the physical alteration of the land is in some way restricted, either through regulation, easement, deed restriction or ownership such as: wetlands, floodplains, threatened and endangered species sites or designated habitats, and parks and preserves. Habitats of endangered or threatened species are identified using the Department's Landscape Project as approved by the Department's Endangered and Nongame Species Program.

  • Responsible Respondent means a Respondent that has the capability in all material respects to perform the scope of work and specifications of the Contract. In determining whether a Respondent is a Responsible Respondent, the Agency may consider various factors including, but not limited to, the Respondent’s competence and qualifications to provide the goods or services requested, the Respondent’s integrity and reliability, the past performance of the Respondent and the best interest of the Agency and the State.

  • Substantial governmental relationship means the extent of a governmental relationship necessary under Ohio law to make an added guarantee contract issued incident to that relationship valid and enforceable. A guarantee contract is issued "incident to that relationship" if it arises from a clear commonality of interest in the event of an UST release such as conterminous boundaries, overlapping constituencies, common groundwater aquifer, or other relationship other than monetary compensation that provides a motivation for the guarantor to provide a guarantee.

  • Proper Instructions (as such term is defined in Section 6 hereof), the Custodian shall on behalf of the applicable Portfolio from time to time employ one or more sub-custodians located in the United States, but only in accordance with an applicable vote by the Board of Directors or the Board of Trustees of the applicable Fund on behalf of the applicable Portfolio (as appropriate, and in each case, the “Board”). The Custodian may employ as sub-custodian for each Fund’s foreign securities on behalf of the applicable Portfolio, the foreign banking institutions and foreign securities depositories designated in Schedules A and B hereto, but only in accordance with the applicable provisions of Sections 3 and 4. The Custodian shall have no more or less responsibility or liability to the Fund on account of any actions or omissions of any sub-custodian so employed than any such sub-custodian has to the Custodian.

  • Environmental Affiliate means any agent or employee of any Borrower or any other Relevant Party or any person having a contractual relationship with any Borrower or any other Relevant Party in connection with any Relevant Ship or its operation or the carriage of cargo and/or passengers thereon and/or the provision of goods and/or services on or from any Relevant Ship;

  • Non-Controlling Authorized Representative Enforcement Date means, with respect to any Non-Controlling Authorized Representative, the date which is 180 days (throughout which 180 day period such Non-Controlling Authorized Representative was the Major Non-Controlling Authorized Representative) after the occurrence of both (i) an Event of Default (under and as defined in the Other First-Priority Agreement under which such Non-Controlling Authorized Representative is the Authorized Representative) and (ii) the Controlling Authorized Representative’s and each other Authorized Representative’s receipt of written notice from such Non-Controlling Authorized Representative certifying that (x) such Non-Controlling Authorized Representative is the Major Non-Controlling Authorized Representative and that an Event of Default (under and as defined in the Other First-Priority Agreement under which such Non-Controlling Authorized Representative is the Authorized Representative) has occurred and is continuing and (y) the First-Priority Obligations of the Series with respect to which such Non-Controlling Authorized Representative is the Authorized Representative are currently due and payable in full (whether as a result of acceleration thereof or otherwise) in accordance with the terms of the applicable Other First-Priority Agreement; provided that the Non-Controlling Authorized Representative Enforcement Date shall be stayed and shall not occur and shall be deemed not to have occurred with respect to any Common Collateral (1) at any time the Controlling Authorized Representative has commenced and is diligently pursuing any enforcement action with respect to such Common Collateral or (2) at any time the Grantor that has granted a security interest in such Common Collateral is then a debtor under or with respect to (or otherwise subject to) any Insolvency or Liquidation Proceeding.

  • Harassment, intimidation, or bullying means any gesture, any written, verbal or physical act, or any electronic communication, as defined in N.J.S.A. 18A:37-14, whether it be a single incident or a series of incidents that:

  • Deportation or forcible transfer of population means forced displacement of the persons concerned by expulsion or other coercive acts from the area in which they are lawfully present, without grounds permitted under international law;

  • Proper Instruction means a writing signed or initialed by one or more person or persons as the Board shall have from time to time authorized. Each such writing shall set forth the specific transaction or type of transaction involved. Oral instructions will be deemed to be Proper Instructions if (a) FAS reasonably believes them to have been given by a person previously authorized in Proper Instructions to give such instructions with respect to the transaction involved, and (b) the Investment Company, or the Fund, and FAS promptly cause such oral instructions to be confirmed in writing. Proper Instructions may include communications effected directly between electro-mechanical or electronic devices provided that the Investment Company, or the Fund, and FAS are satisfied that such procedures afford adequate safeguards for the Fund's assets. Proper Instructions may only be amended in writing.

  • Environmental Notices means notice from any Environmental Authority or by any other person or entity, of possible or alleged noncompliance with or liability under any Environmental Requirement, including without limitation any complaints, citations, demands or requests from any Environmental Authority or from any other person or entity for correction of any violation of any Environmental Requirement or any investigations concerning any violation of any Environmental Requirement.

  • Solicitation” or "Request for Applications (RFA means the document (including all amendments and attachments) issued by the System Agency under which applications for Program funds were requested, which is incorporated by reference for all purposes in its entirety.

  • Subject Access Request means a request for Personal Data falling within the provisions of Section 7 of the DPA and Article 11, 12 & 15 of the GDPR

  • the previous Instrument of Government means the Instrument of Government relating to the Corporation which had effect immediately before 1st January 2008;

  • Land disturbing construction activity means any man-made alteration of the land surface resulting in a change in the topography or existing vegetative or non-vegetative soil cover, that may result in runoff and lead to an increase in soil erosion and movement of sediment into waters of the state. Land disturbing construction activity includes clearing and grubbing, demolition, excavating, pit trench dewatering, filling and grading activities.

  • Maintain Viable Presence means (i) the operation during the term of this Agreement of the facility or facilities for which the tax limitation is granted; and (ii) the Applicant’s maintenance of jobs and wages as required by the Act and as set forth in its Application.

  • Commence Construction means that an owner or operator has either undertaken a continuous program of construction or has entered into a contractual obligation to undertake and complete, within a reasonable time, a continuous program of construction.

  • Hostile environment means a situation in which bullying among students is sufficiently severe or pervasive to alter the conditions of the school climate;

  • WTO GPA country construction material means a construction material that—

  • Access Application means an application for Access Rights as described in section 3.7;

  • Caribbean Basin country construction material means a construction material that—

  • Major Non-Controlling Authorized Representative means, with respect to any Shared Collateral, the Authorized Representative of the Series of Additional First-Lien Obligations that constitutes the largest outstanding principal amount of any then outstanding Series of First-Lien Obligations with respect to such Shared Collateral.

  • Notice of Conversion or Continuation shall have the meaning provided in Section 2.6(a).

  • infringement notice means a notice given under subsection (2);