The Originator Sample Clauses

The Originator. 22 SECTION 4.1 Representations of the Originator ....................... 22
The Originator 

Related to The Originator

  • Originator The Person that originated the Mortgage Loan pursuant to a written agreement with the related Mortgagor.

  • Seller's Origination The Seller's decision to originate any mortgage loan or to deny any mortgage loan application is an independent decision based upon the Underwriting Guidelines, and is in no way made as a result of Purchaser's decision to purchase, or not to purchase, or the price Purchaser may offer to pay for, any such mortgage loan, if originated;

  • The Mortgage Loans Concurrently with the execution and delivery of this Agreement, the Seller hereby transfers to the Purchaser, without recourse, all of its right, title and interest existing now or in the future in,

  • Payments to Originator With respect to each Receivable transferred to Buyer hereunder, the Purchase Price received by Originator constitutes reasonably equivalent value in consideration therefor and such transfer was not made for or on account of an antecedent debt. No transfer by Originator of any Receivable hereunder is or may be voidable under any section of the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978 (11 U.S.C. §§ 101 et seq.), as amended.

  • Mortgagor The obligor on a Mortgage Note. ---------

  • Origination No predatory or deceptive lending practices, including, without limitation, the extension of credit without regard to the ability of the Mortgagor to repay and the extension of credit which has no apparent benefit to the Mortgagor, were employed in the origination of the Mortgage Loan;

  • Mortgage Loan Characteristics The characteristics of the related Mortgage Loan Package are as set forth on the description of the pool characteristics for the applicable Mortgage Loan Package delivered pursuant to Section 11 on the related Closing Date in the form attached as Exhibit B to each related Assignment and Conveyance Agreement;

  • Special Servicing of Delinquent Mortgage Loans If permitted under the terms of the applicable Servicing Agreement, the Seller may appoint, pursuant to the terms of the applicable Servicing Agreement and with the written consent of the Depositor, the Master Servicer, the Trustee, the Securities Administrator and any NIMS Insurer, a Special Servicer to special service any Distressed Mortgage Loans. Any applicable Termination Fee related to the termination of the related Servicer and the appointment of any Special Servicer shall be paid by the Seller from its own funds, without right of reimbursement from the Trust Fund. Any fees paid to any such Special Servicer shall not exceed the Servicing Fee Rate.

  • Originating Goods Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, a good shall originate in the territory of a Party where:

  • Special Serviced Mortgage Loans If directed by the Special Servicer and solely at the Special Servicer’s option, each Servicer, other than WMMSC (a “Transferring Servicer”), shall transfer the servicing of any Mortgage Loan (other than a WMMSC Serviced Mortgage Loan) 90 days or more delinquent to the Special Servicer. The Special Servicer shall thereupon assume all of the rights and obligations of the Transferring Servicer, as Servicer, hereunder arising thereafter and the Transferring Servicer shall have no further rights or obligations, as Servicer, hereunder with respect to such Mortgage Loan (except that the Special Servicer shall not be (i) liable for losses of the Transferring Servicer pursuant to Section 3.09 hereof or for any acts or omissions of the Transferring Servicer hereunder prior to the servicing transfer date, (ii) obligated to effectuate repurchases or substitutions of Mortgage Loans hereunder including, but not limited to, repurchases or substitutions of Mortgage Loans pursuant to Section 2.02 or 2.03 hereof or (iii) deemed to have made any representations and warranties of the Transferring Servicer hereunder). Upon the transfer of the servicing of any such Mortgage Loan to the Special Servicer, the Special Servicer shall be entitled to the Servicing Fee and other compensation accruing after the servicing transfer date with respect to such Mortgage Loans pursuant to Section 3.14. In connection with the transfer of the servicing of any Mortgage Loan to the Special Servicer, the Transferring Servicer, at the Special Servicer’s expense, shall deliver to the Special Servicer all documents and records relating to such Mortgage Loans and an accounting of amounts collected or held by it and otherwise use its best efforts to effect the orderly and efficient transfer of the servicing to the Special Servicer. On the servicing transfer date, the Special Servicer shall reimburse the Transferring Servicer for all unreimbursed Advances, Servicing Advances and Servicing Fees relating to the Mortgage Loans for which the servicing is being transferred. The Special Servicer shall be entitled to be reimbursed pursuant to Section 3.08 or otherwise pursuant to this Agreement for all such Advances, Servicing Advances and Servicing Fees paid by the Transferring Servicer pursuant to this Section 3.19. In addition, the Special Servicer shall notify the Master Servicer of such transfer and the effective date of such transfer, and amend the Mortgage Loan Schedule to reflect that such Mortgage Loans are Special Serviced Mortgage Loans.