Program Manager definition

Program Manager refers to the professional management firm selected by the Owner as the Owner’s representative for the Project, and its employees and consultants.
Program Manager means the HCAI manager responsible for the grant program.
Program Manager means 1 or more entities selected by the treasurer to act as a manager of the program.

Examples of Program Manager in a sentence

  • Bornholdt, Renewable Energy Program Manager, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, regarding “Proposed mitigation measures to protect North Atlantic right whales from site assessment and characterization activities of offshore wind energy development in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts Wind Energy Area” (May 7, 2014).

  • On July 17th , the Health Educator and the Program Manager met with the Crossroads Health in referance to setting up a reoccuring clinic in their facility.

  • Assist the DHA Physical Security Program Manager with reviewing and providing feedback on waiver requests, in close coordination with the DRO.

  • Coordinate with the DHA Physical Security Program Manager, as needed, concerning the DHA Security Waiver Control program.

  • On July 17th the Health Educator and Program Manager were on a conference call for the Harm Reduction Sub Committee, which is a requirement of the new grant.

More Definitions of Program Manager

Program Manager means an entity selected by the treasurer to act as a manager of 1 or more of the savings plans offered under the program.
Program Manager means the person that offers management services to fractional owners pursuant to a management services agreement under division (KKK)(1)(e) of this section.
Program Manager means a financial organization or an agency or department of another state that has been designated to administer a qualified ABLE Savings Program selected by the State Treasurer to act as a depository or manager of the program, or both.
Program Manager means the investment manager or administrator of a CP Lender, as applicable.
Program Manager. The Contractor’s Program Manager duties include, but are not limited to: • Representing the Contractor as point-of-contact for the PCO to help resolve issues and perform other functions that may arise relating to the contract and Task Orders under the contract. • Advising and assisting agency customers regarding the technical scope of the Master Contract and the overall attributes of the GSA GWAC. • Promoting the GSA GWAC to the Federal Government through participation in trade shows, conferences, and other meetings where Federal Government has a significant presence. • Promoting Contractor identity as GSA GWAC contract holder by using the GSA logo in advertising, placing these identifiers in printed and in on-line communications; displaying GSA GWAC promotional placards; and, disseminating GSA GWAC marketing materials. • Educating and training Contractor staff to ensure that they are able to effectively communicate with existing and potential customers regarding the technical scope, the value, and the benefits of the GSA GWAC. • Providing all reporting information required under the contract accurately and in a timely manner; • Attending meetings and conferences, as required. • Serving as the primary focal point within the Contractor’s organization on all matters pertaining to this contract. • The current Contractor Program Manager on this contract is listed on the Contractor’s GSA GWAC web page.
Program Manager means the individual, hired by the Subrecipient, who is responsible for the implementation of this Grant Agreement.
Program Manager means Black & Veatch Corporation or Overland Contracting Inc. (OCI).