Program Manager definition

Program Manager refers to the professional management firm selected by the Owner as the Owner’s representative for the Project, and its employees and consultants.
Program Manager means an entity selected by the treasurer to act as a manager of 1 or more of the savings plans offered under the program.
Program Manager means 1 or more entities selected by the treasurer to act as a manager of the program.

Examples of Program Manager in a sentence

  • During review of RMP No. 6.01, entitled “Qualifications and Training - Qualifications Manual,” issued September 3, 1997, the team found that the procedure states, “The Program manager will...

  • As a Partner- ship Program manager or staff person, you do not need to be fully conversant on the technical aspects of design methodology, but you should be able to identify the defining characteristics and strengths and limitations of each of three broad classes of evaluation methodologies: non-experi-mental, quasi-experimental, and true experimental.

More Definitions of Program Manager

Program Manager means the HCAI manager responsible for the grant program.
Program Manager means the person that offers management services to fractional owners pursuant to a management services agreement under division (KKK)(1)(e) of this section.
Program Manager means Black & Veatch Corporation or Overland Contracting Inc. (OCI).
Program Manager means the Program Manager employed by the District to provide construction management and related services for the Project.
Program Manager means the investment manager or administrator of a CP Lender, as applicable.