Current Agreement Sample Clauses

Current Agreement. The Executive and the Company acknowledge that prior to the Effective Date, the Executive’s employment shall continue to be governed by the existing written agreement between the Executive and the Company. From and after the Effective Date, except as specifically provided herein, this Agreement shall supersede any other employment agreement between the parties.
Current Agreement. Executive Board; 07/23/2020 The Site Stabilization Agreement has been extended from June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2025. During the extension, Appendix A shall be increased according to anticipated negotiated wages. The anticipated wages for the next five years are as follows:
Current Agreement. If any provisions of this BAA conflict with any of the terms of the Agreement or any other agreement between the parties, the terms of this BAA shall control. The current Agreement between the parties shall continue in full force and effect.
Current Agreement. Remainder of Article – Current Agreement
Current Agreement. Except as otherwise described below, the Current Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.
Current Agreement. This agreement supersedes the Current Agreement except that any rights and obligations of either party under the Current Agreement accruing prior to the effective date shall survive and shall remain in full force and effect.
Current Agreement. The Master Agreement entered into between Metrolinx and the City and TTC provides for the Scarborough LRT. Metrolinx continues to believe that the LRT project, which was to run from Xxxxxxx station to Xxxxxxxx Avenue through the Scarborough Town Centre and to be located on an alignment that would be fully separated from roads and traffic, would provide an effective rapid transit solution to the transportation challenges in this area and could be delivered within the $1.48 billion budget provided for it. However, given that all three levels of government have expressed a preference for a subway in this corridor instead, and each level of government has committed to share in funding the subway project, we accept that an amendment to the Master Agreement to accommodate a subway is required. Governments are the ultimate decision­ makers in these matters and we must defer to the judgments that have been made. The provincial contribution to the subway project should remain limited to the funds that would have otherwise been spent on the LRT, thus protecting the other Toronto projects encompassed by the Master Agreement and other investments in reducing congestion in the Greater Toronto and Xxxxxxxx Area. The contributions made by the federal government and the City of Toronto will meet the additional cost of converting the LRT into a subway project. .. ./2 00 Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx 97, rue Front Ouest Federal Commitment: The $660 million commitment of new funding from the federal government is a significant new investment in building transit infrastructure for the Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx and Xxxxxxxx Area. It is also important that federal funding become a regular part of the program to expand and improve our urban transportation systems. Metrolinx will continue to put forward the case for sustained and dedicated funding from all orders of government to address the transportation challenges in the GTHA. In the meantime, however, we welcome a major project made possible by funding commitments from all three levels of government. Working collaboratively in a tri-partite partnership, there is no limit to what our governments can achieve in this area.
Current Agreement. Due to the economic recession in recent years and instability in the automobile sales industry in particular, there exists a substantial risk that the Dealership, among other businesses in the Project Area, could cease operations, thereby causing the reoccurrence of blight and retarding future private developments in the Project Area. The specific purpose of this Agreement is to provide assistance in the form of a loan to facilitate the construction, installation, and maintenance of façade improvements (as defined herein) in accordance with those covenants and restrictions (“Covenants” as defined herein) governing use of the Property. Moreover, General Motors is requiring Developer to remodel and improve the facades of the buildings in accordance with a national architectural façade program. Participant’s leased property is improved with an auto dealership (“Dealership”) and will be improved by remodeling the existing automobile collision repair center (“Collision Center”) that make up a key component of the Signal Hill Auto Center, an area that the Agency has rehabilitated through an investment of over $20M to eliminate the area’s blighted condition. Continued operation of the Property as an auto dealership and collision center, in fulfillment of the goals of the Redevelopment Plan, is economically infeasible without the assistance of the Agency. This Agreement is therefore intended to set forth the obligations of Participant to continue operation of the Property in accordance with the Covenants, and to set forth the manner in which and the extent to which the Agency will assist Participant in that endeavor.
Current Agreement. Employee agrees that he/she entered into that certain Employment Agreement by and between Employee and the Company on the day of , 20 .