Other Improvements Sample Clauses

Other Improvements. If portions of the Project or property adjacent to the Project (collectively, the "Other Improvements") are owned by an entity other than Landlord, Landlord, at its option, may enter into an agreement with the owner or owners of any of the Other Improvements to provide (i) for reciprocal rights of access, use and/or enjoyment of the Project and the Other Improvements, (ii) for the common management, operation, maintenance, improvement and/or repair of all or any portion of the Project and all or any portion of the Other Improvements, (iii) for the allocation of a portion of Operating Costs and Taxes to the Other Improvements and the allocation of a portion of the operating expenses and taxes for the Other Improvements to the Project, (iv) for the use or improvement of the Other Improvements and/or the Project in connection with the improvement, construction, and/or excavation of the Other Improvements and/or the Project, and (v) for any other matter which Landlord deems appropriate or necessary. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed or construed to limit or otherwise affect Landlord's right to sell all or any portion of the Project or any other of Landlord's rights described in this Lease.
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Other Improvements. If any Improvements, other than Neose Improvements, Novo Improvements and Joint Improvements, are made, conceived or reduced to practice jointly by Neose and Novo under this Agreement, each Party shall own a one-half undivided interest in and to any and all such Improvements and the Parties shall not have any restriction with respect to the use thereof or any requirement to report or account to the other Party with respect to any such use, unless and except to the extent that the Parties may agree otherwise in writing.
Other Improvements. Among the Parties, Berry shall be the sole and exclusive owner of all rights, titles and interests in and to any and all Intellectual Property Rights, excluding IVD System Improvements, that are developed, directly or indirectly, by or on behalf of Berry, independently or with or through others at any time, throughout the Term.
Other Improvements. 09/05)Subdivision plat approval may be subject to the installation of other improvements as specified in this Ordinance or the Zoning Ordinance to include, where applicable, but not to be limited to, off-street parking and loading facilities, driveways, private streets, fences, walls, screening, and landscaping.
Other Improvements. A potential hotel and/or event center.
Other Improvements. After closing, Summit agrees to, and shall, provide and arrange for additional building expansion and improvements on and to the existing improvements or real property, together with additional manufacturing production equipment. The proposed additional building expansion is generally described on Exhibit "B" attached hereto. The proposed additional manufacturing equipment is described on the attached Exhibit "C". Provided, however, in the event the additional expansion and additional production equipment cost to Summit shall exceed a combined total of Two Hundred Fifty Thousand and No/100 Dollars ($250,000.00), any such excess expenditure, and the additional expansion and production equipment represented by such excess, shall be made only upon the express written REAL ESTATE SALE AND PURCHASE AGREEMENT WITH LEASE - 3 consent of both Summit and AloeLabs. Absent such consent, Summit shall not be required to provide and arrange for such items which are represented by such excess. Provided, further, neither party shall be required to give such consent.
Other Improvements. Any other improvements constructed at ------------------ any time during the term on the Land or in the Building.
Other Improvements. Any other improvements proposed by OMM must be approved by the Town Superintendent of Parks and Recreation. No improvements will be installed or provided by OMM without the written permission of the Town of Orangetown. Any permanent improvements made under this paragraph shall be considered a gift to the Town of Orangetown. Should an improvement be made without the permission of the Town, the Town has the right to direct OMM to remove the improvement within thirty (30) days at OMM’s cost. If the improvement is not removed within 30 days, the Town may remove the improvement and bill OMM for all related costs and will be entitled to full payment for those costs.
Other Improvements. Except as expressly provided by this Declaration, under no circumstances shall a temporary house, shack, tent, barn, trailer or other outbuilding be occupied on any Lot at anytime except for temporary structures for social functions as may be permitted by the rules and regulations promulgated by the Board.