Consulting Agreement Sample Clauses

Consulting Agreement. THIS CONSULTING AGREEMENT entered into as of this 26th day of January, 2004 between DIAMOND DISCOVERIES INTERNATIONAL CORP., a Delaware corporation (the "Company") and David Danziger ("Consultant").
Consulting Agreement. Effective upon Executive’s termination of employment for any reason other than Executive’s termination by the Company for Cause, HCC hereby retains Executive as a consultant (an independent contractor and not as an employee) for a period of five (5) years (the “Consulting Period”). During the Consulting Period, Executive shall serve as Non-Executive Chairman of the Board. Termination of the Term shall not effect the Partiesrights and obligations under this Section 6, subject to the following: Executive agrees to provide, if requested, 1,000 hours of service (the “Consulting Services”) per year, as required by the Company. Prior to a Change of Control, the Company shall use its best effort to cause Executive to continue as a Director and Chairman of the Board during the term of the Consulting Period. HCC shall pay Executive $450,000 per year of the Consulting Period, payable quarterly, in advance. Executive may elect to delay payment for services, but not the services themselves. During such Consulting Period, Executive shall receive, to the extent permitted by law and the terms of any existing plan, all of the Company’s benefits as if Executive was a full time employee. In addition, the terms of this Section 6 shall remain in full force and effect whether or not Executive dies or suffers a Disability pursuant to the terms hereof during the Consulting Period. Further, if at any time during the Term of this Agreement Executive shall elect, at his sole option, to cease being a full time employee, then and in that event, Executive shall become a consultant pursuant to the terms of this Section. During the Consulting Period, Executive shall have the right to the same benefits for the same purposes and to the same extent as were in effect during the term of this Agreement, provided, however, if Executive ceases to be the Executive Chairman, Executive shall no longer receive Deferred Compensation. The Consulting Services to be provided shall be commensurate with Executive’s training, background, experience and prior duties with the Company Executive shall receive such stock options or cash bonuses as the Compensation Committee, in its sole discretion shall determine. Executive agrees to make himself reasonably available to provide such Consulting Services during the Consulting Period; provided, however, the Company agrees that it shall provide reasonable advance notice to Executive of its expected consulting needs and any request for Consulting Services hereund...
Consulting Agreement. Commencing on the expiration of the Term of this Agreement or, if earlier, the date of termination of Executive's employment hereunder for any reason other than death or for Cause (as defined below), and subject to the provisions of Sections 8 and 9 hereof, the Company and Executive shall enter into a two (2) year consulting agreement pursuant to which Executive shall render consulting services to the Company as Executive and the Company shall agree, for which the Company shall pay Executive a consulting fee at an annual rate equal to 50% of Executive's Salary, at the rate in effect immediately prior to the commencement of the consulting period, payable in accordance with the customary payroll practices for executives of the Company or at such other time or times as Executive and the Company shall agree. It is expressly understood that Executive's reporting obligations pursuant to such consulting agreement shall be limited to the Board and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, or such other person as Executive and the Company shall agree.
Consulting Agreement. The Company hereby engages Consultant during the term of this Agreement and the Consultant hereby accepts such engagement as a consultant upon the terms and conditions set forth herein. During the term of this Agreement, Consultant shall make himself available by personal or telephonic presence during reasonable business hours for consultations and the giving of advice and information with respect to the Company's business as presently conducted, for a period of not more than one hundred fifty (150) hours per annum.
Consulting Agreement. At the Closing, Buyer and Seller (or a principal of Seller) shall enter into a Consulting Agreement in the form and with the content of the Consulting Agreement attach as Exhibit B.
Consulting Agreement. To preserve a sound and vital management team for the Company during the period immediately following a Change In Control, Employee agrees that, in the event of a Triggering Termination, Employee shall enter into a Consulting Agreement (the “Consulting Agreement”) in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A if requested by the Board of Directors of the Company within 30 days after the Change In Control. If Employee breaches his obligation under the preceding sentence by declining to enter into a Consulting Agreement, as liquidated damages for such breach and not as a penalty, Employee shall pay to Employer the amount that Employee otherwise would have received as compensation from Employer under the Consulting Agreement assuming Employee fully performed his obligations thereunder.
Consulting Agreement. Following the Separation Date, the Company agrees to engage you, and you agree to make yourself available to perform services, as a consultant under the terms specified below.
Consulting Agreement. The Company and Executive shall enter into a Consulting Services Agreement in the form attached as Exhibit C (the “Consulting Services Agreement”).
Consulting Agreement. Upon the Closing, the Parent shall enter into a consulting agreement (the "Consulting Agreement") with Verus for a two (2) year term, which shall provide that Verus shall receive twelve thousand five hundred dollars ($12,500) per month for consulting services it renders to the Parent. The form of the Consulting Agreement is attached hereto as EXHIBIT 2.07.
Consulting Agreement. In the event that Employee’s employment with the Company is terminated such that Employee is eligible to receive the benefits set forth in Sections 4(b)(i) and 4(b)(ii) above, the Company will have the option of retaining Employee as a consultant to the Company to provide consulting services to the Company during the Non-Change of Control Severance Payment Period or such shorter period as the parties may mutually agree, subject to the Company and Employee mutually agreeing on the terms of any such consulting relationship. Nothing in this Section 4(b)(iv) shall require Employee to perform consulting services or in any way affect Employee’s rights under this Agreement.