The Covenants Sample Clauses

The Covenants. The Guarantor covenants with the Landlord to observe and perform the requirements of this clause 6.1.2.
The Covenants. (A) From and after the date of this Agreement through the Completion Date, except as expressly contemplated or permitted by this Agreement, the Parties shall conduct their businesses in the ordinary course of business, and use reasonable efforts to maintain and preserve its business organizations, assets, employees and advantageous business relationship;
The Covenants. The Guarantor covenants with the Landlord to observe the requirements of this clause
The Covenants and agreements herein contained shall bind and inure to the benefit of Lessor and Lessee, their successors and assigns, subject to the provisions of this Lease.
The Covenants. 3. The Employment Agreement.
The Covenants. This declaration and the provisions contained in it.
The Covenants. (d) The Employment Agreements.
The Covenants. The Owner hereby covenants with the Council to observe and perform and cause to be observed and performed the undertakings covenants and restrictions contained in Schedule 2
The Covenants. Agreements shall survive the Closing for a period from the Closing Date equal to the statute of limitations for written contracts in Texas; provided, however, where any claim or action brought relating to any Covenant/Agreement is actually for a breach of Warranty, such claim shall be brought within the earlier to expire of (a) the applicable statute of limitations or (b) the applicable survival period with respect to such Warranty.
The Covenants. (g) The Employment Agreements.