Existing unit definition

Existing unit means a unit (including a unit subject to Section 111 of the Act) that commenced commercial operation before November 15, 1990, and that on or after November 15, 1990, served a generator with a nameplate capacity of greater than 25 MWe. Existing unit does not include simple combustion turbines or any unit that on or after November 15, 1990, served only generators with a nameplate capacity of 25 MWe or less. Any existing unit that is modified, reconstructed, or repowered after November 15, 1990, shall continue to be an existing unit.
Existing unit means any unit of a sanitary landfill facility that is receiving solid waste on or before June 1, 1994, and is a geographically contiguous area within the limits of waste placement of the sanitary landfill facility, as the limits of waste placement existed on June 1, 1994.
Existing unit means a Unit that commenced operation prior to the Date of Lodging of this Consent Decree.

Examples of Existing unit in a sentence

  • Existing unit holders should note that unit holders' details and mode of holding (single, jointly, anyone or survivor) will be as per the existing Account.

  • Existing unit holders in Scheme(s) of HDFC Mutual Fund are required to submit only the SIP Enrolment Form.

  • Existing unit has 3 TPH (1 x 1 TPH & 1 x 2 TPH) Bio-Briquette & Husk fired boilers in the plant.

More Definitions of Existing unit

Existing unit means any permitted solid waste management unit that is receiving or has received solid waste and has not been closed in accordance with the regulations in effect at the time of closure. Waste placement in existing units shall be consistent with past operating practices, the permit, or modified practices to ensure good management.
Existing unit means every Unit which has been set up on or before the commencement of this Act in an existing Special Economic Zone;
Existing unit means any municipal solid waste landfill unit receiving solid waste as of October 9, 1993.
Existing unit means a landfill or surface impoundment or a portion thereof that is receiving or has received solid waste for which closure has not been completed.
Existing unit means a Dwelling located on NSTI that is occupied by a Transitioning Household as its primary Dwelling before receipt of a First Notice to Move or an Interim Notice to Move.
Existing unit means a manufacturing/service unit which is active with minimum 20 direct employees at the time of implementing expansion.
Existing unit means a unit that was in operation or for which there is commencement of construction on or before the date of first applicability, except that a unit is not an existing unit if the unit: