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The survey was distributed to Community Services Board members, integrated subcommittee membes and key community stakeholders.

As of 2007, eight other states made state-level appropriations totally more than $13 million to supplement the federal Community Services Block Grant.

On motion by Councillor Cowbourne, the Community Services Committee recommended that City Council adopt the recommendation of the Tenant Defence Sub-Committee in the communication (June 23, 2005) from the Sub-Committee.

Portfolio Budget Statements 2008–09, Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Portfolio, p.

Cosumnes Community Services District (“District”) views illegal drug use and excessive use of legal drugs and alcohol as a threat to the public welfare and the health, safety and productivity of employees of the District.

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Community services means services provided by Commonwealth, State, Territory or local government authorities or agencies (other than the Department of Veterans’ Affairs or the Repatriation Commission) and other community agencies (whether or not funded in whole or in part by a government).
Community services means any type of counseling and advice,
Community services means a use operated by a public agency, nonprofit, or other organizations of a charitable nature generally providing a service to people of the community. Generally, they provide the service on the site or have employees at the site on a regular basis. The service is ongoing, not just for special events. Examples include drug and alcohol centers, social service facilities, soup kitchens, food banks, and surplus food distribution centers.