The Transferee Sample Clauses

The Transferee. (a) confirms that it has received a copy of the Loan Agreement together with such other documents and information as it has requested in connection with this transaction;
The Transferee. 1. represents that it has received a copy of the Agreement and copies of each Loan Supplement together with such other documents and information as it has requested in connection with this transaction;
The Transferee. (a) agrees to perform and comply with the obligations expressed to be imposed on it under the Agreement as a result of this Transfer Certificate taking effect;
The Transferee. 2.1 represents and warrants that it has the power and capacity, and is legally authorized, to enter into this Agreement and that the performance of its obligations pursuant hereto and pursuant to the Royalty Agreement are not prohibited or restricted by any law binding upon or applicable to it; and
The Transferee. [ ] (whose registered office is at [ ]) AND
The Transferee. (a) shall keep confidential all information provided to it by the Transferor which relates to the Transferor; and

Related to The Transferee

  • The Transferor 5.1 warrants to the Transferee that it has full power to enter into this Transfer Certificate and has taken all corporate action necessary to authorise it to do so;

  • Transferee 3 Transfer Date (not earlier that the fifth Business Day after the date of delivery of the Transfer Certificate to the Agent):

  • Transferor Signed, sealed and delivered by ) by Xxxx Xx ) for and on behalf of ) the Transferor pursuant to the Power of Attorney ) In the presence of ) ) Name: Witness ) Signature: TRANSFEREE Signed, sealed and delivered by ) by Coinllectibles Private Limited ) In the presence of ) ) Name: Xx Xxx Xxxx Witness ) Signature: SCHEDULE

  • The Purchaser (a) is not an employee benefit or other plan subject to the prohibited transaction provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended ("ERISA"), or Section 4975 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (a "Plan"), or any other person (including an investment manager, a named fiduciary or a trustee of any Plan) acting, directly or indirectly, on behalf of or purchasing any Certificate with "plan assets" of any Plan within the meaning of the Department of Labor ("DOL") regulation at 29 C.F.R. ss.2510.3-101; or

  • Permitted Transferee 25 Person ......................................................................................25

  • PARTICIPATING ENTITY USE AND PURCHASING A. ORDERS AND PAYMENT. To access the contracted Equipment, Products, or Services under this Contract, a Participating Entity must clearly indicate to Supplier that it intends to access this Contract; however, order flow and procedure will be developed jointly between Sourcewell and Supplier. Typically, a Participating Entity will issue an order directly to Supplier or its authorized subsidiary, distributor, dealer, or reseller. If a Participating Entity issues a purchase order, it may use its own forms, but the purchase order should clearly note the applicable Sourcewell contract number. All Participating Entity orders under this Contract must be issued prior to expiration or cancellation of this Contract; however, Supplier performance, Participating Entity payment obligations, and any applicable warranty periods or other Supplier or Participating Entity obligations may extend beyond the term of this Contract. Supplier’s acceptable forms of payment are included in its attached Proposal. Participating Entities will be solely responsible for payment and Sourcewell will have no liability for any unpaid invoice of any Participating Entity.

  • Purchaser 2.1 Full Name:

  • Allocations Between Transferor and Transferee If a Partner transfers any part or all of its Partnership Interest, the distributive shares of the various items of Profit and Loss allocable among the Partners during such fiscal year of the Partnership shall be allocated between the transferor and the transferee Partner either (i) as if the Partnership’s fiscal year had ended on the date of the transfer, or (ii) based on the number of days of such fiscal year that each was a Partner without regard to the results of Partnership activities in the respective portions of such fiscal year in which the transferor and the transferee were Partners. The General Partner, in its sole and absolute discretion, shall determine which method shall be used to allocate the distributive shares of the various items of Profit and Loss between the transferor and the transferee Partner.

  • Assignment of Membership Interest A Member may not assign the Member’s interest in the Company except with the written consent of all the other Members of record. Any such consent to assignment automatically entitles the assignee to become a Member. A Member’s membership interest may be evidenced by a certificate of membership interest issued by the Company.

  • The Seller Subsection 14.01 Additional Indemnification by the Seller; Third Party Claims........................................... Subsection 14.02 Merger or Consolidation of the Seller..................