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SCOPE OF THIS. ARTICLE Nothing in this Article shall be construed to substitute for, stay or extend, limit, expand, or otherwise affect, in any manner, any right or duty that any person or governmental body has under the laws of any member state or local government body. This Article is specifically subject to the terms of Article XI and shall not be construed as taking precedence over Article XI. ARTICLE XI‌
SCOPE OF THIS. SUPPLEMENTAL INDENTURE Section 1.1 Changes, etc. Applicable Only to the 1997A Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
SCOPE OF THIS. THIRD SUPPLEMENTAL INDENTURE ---------------------- The changes, modifications and supplements to the Indenture effected by this Third Supplemental Indenture in Paragraphs B and C hereof shall only be applicable with respect to, and govern the terms of, the 7-5/8% Senior Notes issued by the Company, which shall be limited in aggregate principal amount to $200,000,000, except as provided in Section 2.01(2) of the Indenture, and shall not apply to any other Securities which may be issued under the Indenture unless a supplemental indenture with respect to such other Securities specifically incorporates such changes, modifications and supplements.
SCOPE OF THIS. First Supplemental Indenture ----------------------
SCOPE OF THIS. AWARD AGREEMENT The Units awarded under this Award Agreement entitle the Participant receiving such Units to receive Constellium Shares or a cash equivalent, subject to the terms and conditions of the 2013 Constellium Equity Incentive Plan, this Award Agreement and any additional terms specified in the Award Letter relating to such Units. In particular, the vesting of the Restricted Stock Units and the delivery of Shares to the Participants is subject to the satisfaction of the Continued Service Condition. The vesting of the Performance Share Units and the delivery of Shares to the Participants is in addition subject to the level of achievement of the Performance Condition. The Company’s shareholders have authorized the issuance of up to 7,292,291 Shares under the 2013 Constellium Equity Incentive Plan (pursuant to corporate decisions taken on May 16, 2013 and June 11, 2014). This Award Agreement has been adopted by the Board of Directors under the 2013 plan pursuant to such authorization.
SCOPE OF THIS. LIMITED WARRANTY This Limited Warranty is extended by 3D NOW LLC (“Warrantor”), to the original purchaser (“Purchases” or “You”) for the Products manufactured by Warrantor (“Product(s)”) and is non transferable. 3D NOW LLC warrants the Products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. This limited warranty is a defective exchange policy that provides for either repair or replacement (at our discretion) on Products that have been confirmed as defective by 3D NOW LLC. Warrantor does not warrant Products manufactured by other companies, regardless of whether those Products are purchased through Warrantor. Additional terms and conditions may apply. WHAT IS NOT COVERED

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  • Scope of Agreement Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to entitle Executive to continued employment with the Company or its Subsidiaries, and if Executive’s employment with the Company shall terminate prior to a Change in Control, Executive shall have no further rights under this Agreement (except as otherwise provided hereunder); provided, however, that any termination of Executive’s employment during the Termination Period shall be subject to all of the provisions of this Agreement.