Background Check Sample Clauses

Background Check. The Department or Customer may require the Contractor to conduct background checks of its employees, agents, representatives, and subcontractors as directed by the Department or Customer. The cost of the background checks will be borne by the Contractor. The Department or Customer may require the Contractor to exclude the Contractor’s employees, agents, representatives, or subcontractors based on the background check results. In addition, the Contractor must ensure that all persons have a responsibility to self-report to the Contractor within three (3) calendar days any arrest for any disqualifying offense. The Contractor must notify the Contract Manager within twenty-four (24) hours of all details concerning any reported arrest. Upon the request of the Department or Customer, the Contractor will re-screen any of its employees, agents, representatives, and subcontractors during the term of the Contract.
Background Check. Before a member of the workforce may access PHI COUNTY 28 discloses to CONTRACTOR or CONTRACTOR creates, receives, maintains, or transmits on behalf of 29 COUNTY, a background screening of that worker must be conducted. The screening should be 30 commensurate with the risk and magnitude of harm the employee could cause, with more thorough 31 screening being done for those employees who are authorized to bypass significant technical and 32 operational security controls. The CONTRACTOR shall retain each workforce member’s background 33 check documentation for a period of three (3) years.
Background Check. If requested by Agency and permitted by law, Grantee’s employees, agents, contractors, subcontractors, and volunteers that perform Project activities must agree to submit to a criminal background check prior to performance of any Project activities or receipt of Confidential Information. Background checks will be performed at Grantee’s expense. Based on the results of the background check, Grantee or Agency may refuse or limit (i) the participation of any Grantee employee, agent, contractor, subgrantee, or volunteer, in Project activities or (ii) access to Agency Personal Information or Grantee premises.
Background Check. CONTRACTOR accepts responsibility for determining and approving the character and fitness of its employees (including volunteers, agents or representatives). Completion of a satisfactory Live Scan will also be needed if legally required. CONTRACTOR further agrees to hold COUNTY harmless from any liability for injuries or damages (as outlined in the hold harmless clause contained herein) resulting from a breach of this provision or CONTRACTOR’S actions in this regard.
Background Check. Background checks may be performed by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office for projects and/or services being done at the Lake County Courthouse at no expense to CONTRACTOR. On sites other than the Lake County Courthouse, all personnel, subcontractors, and representatives of the Contractor shall be required to submit to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (0-000-000-0000) for a “Certified Background Check”. CONTRACTOR will be responsible for all costs associated with the “Certified Background Check”. A copy of the “Certified Background Check” shall be supplied to the COUNTY’s Project Manager prior to any work starting. The COUNTY’s Project Manager shall notify the CONTRACTOR electronically of approved and/or denied background checks. Reasons for denials will not be provided.
Background Check. Before a member of the workforce may access DHCS PHI or PI, a thorough background check of that worker must be conducted, with evaluation of the results to assure that there is no indication that the worker may present a risk to the security or integrity of confidential data or a risk for theft or misuse of confidential data. The Contractor shall retain each workforce member’s background check documentation for a period of three (3) years following contract termination.
Background Check. Provider shall comply with the following requirements and such other procedures as may be determined necessary by the Board from time to time for each employee, agent, volunteer or subcontractor who may have contact with a CPS student as a result of this Agreement (individually and collectively “Staff”) (“Background Check”). For purposes of this Section, contact via text messages, live chats, emails, any other digital or online media, telephone, in person, or through any other means shall be considered “contact”. Provider shall not allow any Staff to have contact with students until Provider has confirmed with the Board that each respective Staff has successfully completed the Background Check in accordance with the following requirements:
Background Check. Whenever the State deems it reasonably necessary for security reasons, the State may conduct, at its expense, criminal and driver history background checks of Vendor’s and subcontractors officers, employees or agents. Vendor or subcontractor shall reassign immediately any such individual who, in the opinion of the State, does not pass the background check.
Background Check. The Construction Manager agrees to comply with all requirements of sections 1012.32 and 1012.465, Florida Statutes, and all of its personnel who (1) are to be permitted access to school grounds when students are present, (2) will have direct contact with students, or (3) have access or control of school funds, shall successfully complete the background screening required by the referenced statutes and meet the standards established by the statutes. This background screening will be conducted by the School Board in advance of the Construction Manager or its personnel providing any services under the conditions described in the previous sentence. The Construction Manager shall bear the cost of acquiring the background screening required by section 1012.32, Florida Statutes, and any fee imposed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to maintain the fingerprints provided with respect to the Construction Manager and its personnel. The parties agree that the failure of the Construction Manager to perform any of the duties described in this section shall constitute a material breach of this agreement entitling the School Board to terminate immediately with no further responsibilities or duties to perform under this agreement. The Construction Manager agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the School Board, its officers and employees from any liability in the form of physical or mental injury, death or property damage resulting from Construction Manager’s failure to comply with requirements of this section or with sections 1012.32 and 1012.465, Florida Statutes. Construction Manager shall require each of Construction Manager’s subcontractors on the project to agree, in writing, to the provisions of this paragraph.
Background Check. The City may conduct criminal, driver history, and all other requested background checks of Contractor personnel who would perform services under the Agreement or who will have access to the City’s information, data, or facilities in accordance with the City’s current background check policies. Any officer, employee, or agent that fails the background check must be replaced immediately for any reasonable cause not prohibited by law.