APPLICABILITY TO SUBCONTRACTORS. In addition to the above policies, if Contractor hires a subcontractor under this Agreement, contractor shall require subcontractor to provide insurance identical to the coverage required under this Agreement, and shall require subcontractor to name Contractor as additional insured under its Agreement. Certificate(s) of Insurance(s) and original endorsement(s) providing such coverage shall be provided to MCTD under Paragraph 8.5 of this Agreement.
APPLICABILITY TO SUBCONTRACTORS. S1 shall ensure that its subcontractors also adhere to the applicable provisions of this Agreement.
APPLICABILITY TO SUBCONTRACTORS. VENDOR shall ensure that its subcontractors performing hereunder also adhere to the applicable provisions of this Agreement.
APPLICABILITY TO SUBCONTRACTORS. Contractor shall include in each contract it enters into with any Subcontractor a provision requiring all such Subcontractors to comply with the applicable requirements of the Contract Documents.
APPLICABILITY TO SUBCONTRACTORS. The provisions of this Section 10 are specifically intended to operate for the benefit of, and shall be enforceable by, any approved subcontractor performing Services on behalf of Netsol hereunder.
APPLICABILITY TO SUBCONTRACTORS. The certification and disclosure of lobbying activities forms provided in the Project Manual and/or the Agreement shall be included in each subcontract and any lower-tier contracts exceeding $10,000. All disclosure forms, but not certifications, shall be forwarded from tier to tier until received by the Engineer.
APPLICABILITY TO SUBCONTRACTORS. Vendor agrees that all contracts it awards pursuant to the Agreement shall be bound by the foregoing terms and conditions. Company Name Corporate Officer’s Signature Printed Name Street Address City, State and Zip Code VIII. FORM D - PRICING AND SERVICE AFFIRMATION Proposal of: (Proposer Company Name) To: Houston Independent School District RFP Number: RFP Name: Proposer will provide the product/services to the Houston Independent School District (“HISD”) and possibly other governmental agencies (through Interlocal-agreements). Additionally, the focus is on identifying all costs associated with the product/services. HISD is looking to quantify all fees and work towards solutions that minimize costs, while maintaining or improving current service levels. Please see Price Schedule (Form F) to this RFP. Ladies and Gentlemen: Having carefully examined all the specifications and requirements of this RFP and any attachments thereto, the undersigned proposes to furnish the products/services required pursuant to the above- referenced RFP upon the terms quoted below.