The Warranty Sample Clauses

The Warranty. Assignor warrants to Assignee, its successors and assigns, that the Royalty Interest is free of all Encumbrances created by, through or under Assignor, but not otherwise, except for the Permitted Encumbrances.
The Warranty. Assignor warrants to Assignee that (i) Assignor’s Net Revenue Interest in production of Minerals from each Development Well, determined prior to giving effect to this Conveyance and the Perpetual PUD Conveyance, is not less than the Assignor’s Net Revenue Interest used to calculate the NRI Factor for such Development Well pursuant to the Development Agreement, and (ii) the Royalty Interest is free of all Encumbrances, except for Permitted Encumbrances, in all cases by, through, or under Assignor and any predecessor Affiliate of Assignor, but not otherwise.
The Warranty. 10.1 Grundfos warrants to deliver the products and services in accordance with the Agreement. A product is defective only if it is not delivered in accordance with the Agreement due to faulty material, design or manufacturing on the part of Grundfos or a third party acting on Grundfos’ behalf.
The Warranty. 2.1 In the event of a leak developing at the address specified in the Warranty Certificate (the “Property”) as a result of defective Products which have been supplied by SIG, SIG will replace the defective Products at no charge to the owner of the Property using materials which have been selected by SIG (the “Warranty”).
The Warranty. Rubrik warrants to Customer that in the event of a Ransomware Incident with an Event Date that occurs during the Warranty Period, the Eligible Solution will enable Customer to materially restore the Customer data that was successfully backed up using the Eligible Solution onto Rubrik hardware, Rubrik-certified third party hardware, or a Rubrik hosted cloud platform, to the last good backup within the Customer’s SLA Policy during the Warranty Period (“Recovery”). If Recovery of such Customer data is not successful due to a failure of the Eligible Solution as determined by Rubrik, Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy, and Rubrik’s entire liability, subject to the terms herein, will be to reimburse Customer for its Recovery Incident Expenses directly resulting from the Recovery Incident (“Payment”), up to a maximum amount not to exceed the applicable Cap set forth in the table below. For clarity, this Warranty does not extend to unsuccessful Recovery of Customer data due to (i) Customer’s lost access credentials (including encryption keys), which Xxxxxx is unable and has no obligation to recover, and (ii) failure of a cloud service provider. Amount of Customer Data Protected by the Eligible Solution* Payment Cap (USD)(“Cap”) 250 TB to < 500 TB $250,000 500 TB to < 750 TB $500,000 750 TB to < 5 PB $1,000,000 5 PB and above $5,000,000 *The amount of Customer data protected by an Eligible Solution in compliance with the terms of this Warranty Agreement at the time of the Ransomware Incident determines the applicable payout. The Customer data tiers above are calculated based on the amount of data Customer protects using the Eligible Solution (i.e., data Customer backs up using products other than the Eligible Solution will not count toward those data tiers). Aggregate Payments for multiple Recovery Incidents with Event Dates in the Warranty Period shall not exceed the Cap. This Warranty extends only to Customer and its Recovery Incident Expenses and does not extend to any third parties (including, but not limited to suppliers, service providers, end-clients, and employees or agents of Customer) or any of their losses or damages.
The Warranty. This product is warranted by ROWENTA against any manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship for a period of 1 year starting from the initial date of purchase. The manufacturer’s warranty by ROWENTA is an extra benefit which does not affect consumer's Statutory Rights. The manufacturer’s warranty covers all costs related to restoring the proven defective product so that it conforms to its original specifications, through the repair or replacement of any defective part and the necessary labor. At ROWENTA’s choice, a replacement product may be provided instead of repairing a defective product. ROWENTA’s sole obligation and your exclusive resolution under this warranty are limited to such repair or replacement. Conditions & Exclusions The ROWENTA warranty only applies within the warranty period in United States and is valid only on presentation of a proof of purchase. The product can be taken directly in person to an authorized service centre or must be adequately packaged and returned, by recorded delivery (or equivalent method of postage), to a ROWENTA authorized service centre. Full address details for each country’s authorized service centers are listed on ROWENTA website ( or by calling 000-000-0000 to request the appropriate postal address. ROWENTA shall not be obliged to repair or replace any product which is not accompanied by a valid proof of purchase. This warranty will not cover any damage which could occur as a result of misuse, negligence, failure to follow ROWENTA instructions, use on current or voltage other than as stamped on the product, or a modification or unauthorized repair of the product. It also does not cover normal wear and tear, maintenance or replacement of consumable parts, or the following: - using the wrong type of water or consumable; - scaling (any de-scaling must be carried out according to the instructions for use); - ingress of water, dust or insects into the product (excluding appliances with features specifically designed for insects); - mechanical damages, overloading - damages or bad results due to wrong voltage or frequency - accidents including fire, flood, thunderbolt etc - damage to any glass or porcelain ware in the product This warranty does not apply to any product that has been tampered with, or to damages incurred through improper use and care, faulty packaging by the owner or mishandling by any carrier. The ROWENTA warranty applies in the United States. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES WHICH EXTE...
The Warranty. Zound Industries hereby warrants that the Xxxxxxxx London Product, for a period of one (1) year from the date of original retail purchase, is without defects in materials and workmanship, provided however that the Xxxxxxxx London Products is only used in accordance with published guidelines from Zound Industries for the Xxxxxxxx London Product, including Xxxxxxxx London Product’s user manuals, technical specifications, etc. and subject to the limitations set forth in this document. NOT COVERED BY THE WARRANTY The Warranty does not apply to: (a) consumable parts, such as batteries or protective coatings;
The Warranty. The sole warranty applicable to goods manufactured or sold by seller shall be the limited warranty which is incorporated herein.
The Warranty. Subject to all of the terms and conditions of these Terms, the goods sold by Universal to Customer are warranted by Universal to be free of manufacturing defects for the 90 day period following Customer’s acceptance of such goods and to conform to the express specifications for such goods as set forth or incorporated into the Quote given by Universal with respect to such goods (the “Limited Product Warranty”). Universal’s sole obligation and Customer’s sole remedy under the Limited Product Warranty is for Universal, at its sole election and cost, to repair, replace, or refund the purchase price paid for any defective product which is returned to and received by Universal within one hundred (100) days from the date following Customer’s acceptance of such goods. Universal will have no obligation under its Limited Product Warranty for any product that has been subjected to abnormal operating conditions; accident; abuse; misuse; unauthorized modification, alteration, or repair; or replacement of parts other than replacements made or authorized by Universal. Except for Universal’s Limited Product Warranty and indemnification obligation under subsection 9.1 of these Terms, Customer assumes all other risk, if any, including the risk of injury, loss, or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use, misuse, or inability to use any goods sold under these Terms. Nothing in this subsection 6.1 limits Universal’s indemnification obligation under subsection 9.1 of these Terms.
The Warranty. Subject to DOVISTA UK having been given a reasonable opportunity to carry out an appraisal and inspection of the Installation Works prior to completion (as defined under the Installation Contract) then, provided always the Installation Works meet with DOVISTA UK’s reasonable satisfaction, DOVISTA UK warrants as the terms set out overleaf that the Installation Works will have been completed in a reasonable, good and workmanlike manner. Signed for and on behalf of DOVISTA UK Limited Name: ......................................................................... Signature: ..........................................................................