Federal and State Requirements Sample Clauses

Federal and State Requirements. Developer shall comply with Subpart I of the CDBG Regulations excepting requirements waived by HUD and CDBG Single Family Rental Housing Guidelines and each and every Governmental Requirement as the same may be amended.
Federal and State Requirements. 1. The City may be reimbursed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, through the FAA, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and/or other funding agencies for a portion of costs incurred hereunder, which agencies shall be granted full cooperation in any audit or other determination concerning their respective participation in the reimbursement of Provider’s costs.
Federal and State Requirements. The Concessionaire shall comply with applicable Law.
Federal and State Requirements. This Agreement, together with other documents enumerated in this ARTICLE 3, which said other documents are as fully a part of the Contract as if hereto attached or herein repeated, forms the Contract between the parties hereto. In the event that any provision in any component part of this Contract conflicts with any provision of any other component part, the provision of the component part first enumerated in this ARTICLE 3 shall govern except as otherwise specifically stated. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this AGREEMENT to be executed in two original copies on the day and year first above written. Vote on Motion Mr. Benton Aye Mr. Merrell Aye Mrs. Lewis Aye
Federal and State Requirements. Mandatory changes necessary to ensure MFA’s portfolios are serviced in accordance with federal and state statute, regulations, procedures and/or reporting requirements must be implemented by the Servicer at no cost to MFA. When these mandatory changes are initiated, the Servicer is responsible to identify and advise the PM or designee when and how they are in compliance.
Federal and State Requirements. The CONTRACTOR agrees that it will comply with all applicable Federal and State statutes and regulations as outlined in EXHIBIT BFEDERAL AND STATE PROVISIONS”, Sections 8 through 26 and Section 34 of Washington State Department of Transportation/COUNCIL contract GCB 2066. The CONTRACTOR recognizes that Federal and State laws and regulations may be modified from time to time and those modifications may affect project implementation. The CONTRACTOR agrees that the most recent Federal and State laws, regulations, and directives will apply to the project.
Federal and State Requirements. RTP projects must conform to all applicable Federal and State requirements, metropolitan and statewide planning processes, and public involvement activities, including, but not limited to: • United States Code (USC);• Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 23; • Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) Title 21;• Federal Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended, and provided for under 49 CFR Part 24, and 23 CFR Subchapter H Part 710;• National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA);• Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (Section 106);• Section 4(f) of the US DOT Act;• Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act (Section 7);• Section 404 of the Clean Water Act;• Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Areas Act;• Presidential Executive Orders on Buy American and Hire American (April 18, 2017, January 31, 2019 and July 15, 2019); and• Metropolitan and Statewide Transportation Planning RequirementsThe RTP is administered by the Regional and Intermodal Planning Division (RIPD) within the MDOT SHA’s Office of Planning and Preliminary Engineering (OPPE). The MDOT SHA is responsible for managing the program from screening applications and awarding projects to final inspection and closeout. The RTP is Federally funded and administered on a reimbursement basis. The Sponsor incurs and pays the expense for approved expenditures and is reimbursed by MDOT SHA after a submitted invoice is approved. The RTP may reimburse up to 80% of the project’s total eligible costs. The RTP funding is authorized for each project by FHWA. Expenses are only allowable after Federal authorization. Proceeding without Federal authorization may jeopardize Federal participation and result in non-payment by MDOT SHA.
Federal and State Requirements. 8.3.1. Compliance with Federal requirements