Properly maintained definition

Properly maintained means assembling, disassembling, transporting and operating amusement devices in accordance with this code, manufacturer's recommendations, nationally recognized standards, and recognized practice. Properly maintained also means lubricating, greasing, oiling, testing and repairing of parts at specified time intervals in accordance with the recommended practices and procedures.
Properly maintained means sanitizing solu- tions are:
Properly maintained means assembling, disassem- bling, transporting, operating, lubricating, greasing, oiling, test- ing and repairing amusement rides in accordance with recognized safe practice.

Examples of Properly maintained in a sentence

  • Properly maintained cutting tools with sharp cutting edges are less likely to bind and are easier to control.

  • Properly maintained to ensure maximum efficiency and optimal operating conditions.

  • Properly maintained tree wells are encouraged to minimize such damage.

  • Properly maintained door closer to ensure the door shuts properly.

  • Properly maintained tires improve the steering, stopping, traction, and load-carrying capability of your vehicle.

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Properly maintained means, with regard to a perpetual
Properly maintained means sanitizing solutions are:
Properly maintained means that during the entire period of time that Lessee is obligated to maintain and repair such HVAC system, Lessee has hired a third party HVAC service contractor reasonably satisfactory to Lessor who has inspected such system no less frequently than once every three months, and who has performed routine maintenance, repair and/or replacement of components of such system as and to the extent recommended by such third party HVAC inspector, and Lessee at its sole expense has paid all of the costs of such inspection, maintenance, repair and/or replacement.
Properly maintained means continuously maintained in accordance with the joint filler manufacturer’s instructions/recommendations, or continuously maintained in accordance with the instructions/recommendations set forth in the following Metzger McGuire publications (
Properly maintained means sanitizing solutions
Properly maintained which means maintained at least in accordance with the manufacturer’s minimum requirements
Properly maintained means assembling, disassembling, transporting and operating amusement devices in