Reasonable access definition

Reasonable access for the purposes of this section means:
Reasonable access means the minimum number of connections, direct or indirect, necessary to provide safe and efficient ingress and egress to the State Highway System based on Section 335.18, F.S., the Access Management Classification, projected connection and roadway traffic volumes, and the type and intensity of the land use.
Reasonable access means access during the course of the investigation, to the extent practicable, so as to permit an opportunity to present facts and arguments as set out in paragraph (e); when it is not practicable to provide access to information during the investigation in such time as to permit an opportunity to present facts and arguments, reasonable access shall mean in time to permit the adversely affected party to make an informed decision as to whether to seek judicial or panel review, and

Examples of Reasonable access in a sentence

  • Reasonable access shall be afforded to the Administrator without charge, but only upon reasonable request and during the normal business hours at the respective offices of the Servicer.

  • Reasonable access to and reasonable facilities for copying of these records shall not be denied to any citizen.

  • The Sponsor agrees to provide the Asset Representations Reviewer with the following: • Reasonable access to the Sponsor; • Complete AUPs; • Required Documents; and • Other related information reasonably requested by the Asset Representations Reviewer to perform the Services hereunder.

  • Reasonable access to copies of this Report must be provided to the relevant Organs of State for consultation purposes, which may, if so indicated by the Department, include providing a printed copy to a specific Organ of State.

  • Reasonable access means that premises shall not become obstructed or hazardous, and that the Customer shall not construct, pave over, or otherwise obstruct the Company's service line or other facilities.

More Definitions of Reasonable access

Reasonable access means access that is safe, unobstructed and which has a minimum clearance of 600mm for a roof cavity and 500mm for a floor cavity.
Reasonable access means an access connection that is suitable for the existing and/or proposed property use and does not adversely affect the safety, operations or main- tenance of the highway system.
Reasonable access means access that is safe, unobstructed and which has the minimum clearance specified in Table 1 of the Standards. If the minimum clearance is not available, the Inspection will be limited to the area within the Inspector’s unobstructed line of vision.
Reasonable access means that areas and/or items to be inspected by an authorized DOJ employee are free from physical obstruction and/or other impediments that would make access difficult and/or unsafe.
Reasonable access means as defined in Rule 14-96.002, F.A.C.
Reasonable access means temporary site access for personal recreational and non- commercial purposes on reasonable conditions specified by Yale First Nation Law.
Reasonable access means between the hours of 7.00am and 7.00pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.