Notice to Seller Sample Clauses

Notice to Seller. In the event of the occurrence of a problem as to which the Seller has responsibility in the Limited Warranty, the Buyer must comply with Paragraph 18, Notices. The notice must specify the problem in detail and must be given to the Seller within the warranty term. The Seller shall not be responsible for problems as to which a required, timely notice has not been given. The Buyer shall permit the Seller or its agents, employers or contractor’s reasonable access to the Property during normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM) to inspect or perform work required under this Limited Warranty.
Notice to Seller. Any notice to Seller shall be effective when received by Seller or Listing Company.
Notice to Seller. If to Seller, to: Sellers' Agent: Jamex X. Xxxxxx, Xx. xx Michxxx X. Xxxxx c/o Keystone Management Services, Inc. 401 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Fax: (717) 000-0000 With a required copy to: Alfrxx X. Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxquire Olivxx, Xxice & Rhodxx 220 Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000-0000 Fax: (717) 000-0000
Notice to Seller. The Borrower shall promptly notify the Seller of a breach of Section 4.1(U) and shall require the Seller to cure such breach or pay the Refund Price for such Defective Solar Loan pursuant to and in accordance with the Sale and Contribution Agreement; provided, that notwithstanding anything contained in the Sale and Contribution Agreement to the contrary, upon the occurrence and continuance of an Amortization Event or an Event of Default, the Borrower shall require the Seller to pay the Refund Price solely in cash.
Notice to Seller. 8 Be as complete and accurate as possible when answering the questions in this disclosure. Attach additional sheets if 9 space is insufficient for all applicable comments. SELLER understands that the law requires disclosure of any material 10 defects, known to SELLER, in the Property to prospective Buyer(s) and that failure to do so may result in civil liability 11 for damages. Non-occupant SELLERS are not relieved of this obligation. This disclosure statement is designed to 12 assist SELLER in making these disclosures. Licensee(s), prospective buyers and buyers will rely on this information. 13
Notice to Seller. Buyer agrees to notify Seller in writing, promptly upon Buyer's or its authorized representatives' discovery, of any information received by Buyer prior to the Closing Date relating to the Assets, the Assumed Liabilities or the conduct of the Business which to the belief of Buyer constitutes (or would constitute) or indicates (or would indicate) a breach of any representation, warranty or covenant made by Seller herein.
Notice to Seller. POLAR MULTI-STRATEGY MASTER FUND c/o Mourant Governance Services (Cayman) Limited 90 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxx PO Box 1348 Grand Cayman KY1-1108 Cayman Islands With a copy (which shall not constitute notice) to: Polar Asset Management Partners Inc. 10 Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 0000 Toronto, ON M5J 0E6 Attention: Legal Department, Rxxx Xxxx / Jxxxxxx Xxxxx E-mail: / / Notice to Counterparty: Priveterra Acquisition Corp. 300 XX 0xx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 With a copy to: Dxxxx Xxxx & Wxxxxxxx LLP 400 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx New York, NY 10017 Attn: Lxx Xxxxxxxx, Dxxxx Xxxxxx and W. Xxxxx Xxxxxxx IV E-mail: Following the Closing of the Business Combination: AEON Biopharma, Inc. 4000 XxxXxxxxx Xxxx., Xxxxx 000 Newport Beach, California 92660 With a copy to: Lxxxxx & Wxxxxxx LLP 600 Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx, 20th Floor, Costa Mesa, California 92626 Attention: Sxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Dxxxxx Xxxx and Bxxxx Xxxx Email:
Notice to Seller. Any notice to Seller shall be effective when received by Seller.
Notice to Seller. 0 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx 00xx Xxxxx Xxx Xxxx, XX 00000 With a copy to: Xxxxxx & Xxxxxx LLP Xxx Xxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx Xxx Xxxx, XX 00000 Attention: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Email: Notice to Counterparty: PropTech Investment Corporation II 0000 Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxx Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxx, XX 00000 Attention: Xxxxxx Xxxx E-mail: With a copy to: Xxxxxxxx & Xxxxx LLP 000 Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, XX 00000 Attention: Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx, P.C.; Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx E-mail:; Following the Closing of the Business Combination: Appreciate Holdings, Inc. 0000 Xxxxx Xxxx, Suite 200 Minnetonka, Minnesota 55345 Attention: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx
Notice to Seller. Buyer shall notify Seller of each Loan with respect to which Buyer seeks repurchase. Such notice shall be on Buyer's letterhead paper and include the following information: (a) Buyer's tax identification number, (b) Buyer's wire transfer instructions, (c) the subsection under Section 7.1 hereof for which Buyer is seeking repurchase and (d) a summary of the reasons Buyer believes that the Loan(s) should be repurchased. The notice shall be accompanied by evidence supporting the basis for repurchase of such Loan. Promptly upon request by Seller, Buyer shall supply Seller with any additional evidence that Seller may require. Seller shall have no obligation to repurchase any Loan pursuant to this Article VII for which notice and all supporting evidence reasonably required by Seller have not been received by Seller at the addresses specified in Sections 8.2 and 8.3 hereof no later than the first Business Day after the expiration of 180 calendar days after the Loan Sale Closing Date, or in the case of a Contract for Deed, the first Business Day after the expiration of 360 calendar days after the Loan Sale Closing Date.